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The Concussion In Your Spine

Medical experts are just now realizing the vital connection between the spine and the brain related to concussions, but they are not trained to check your spine for the specific interference as only a Chiropractor can.  There are 3.8 million concussions reported each year and in a day and age where concussion injuries are being recognized as happening more often than anyone ever knew, it is essential to understand what exactly a concussion really is and what it takes to get better again.  See a Chiropractor to make sure concussions don’t deal you a lower blow than they already are.

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Vertigo, Vertebrae, and You

Your nervous system controls your relationship to gravity and movement so when this system is compromised, so goes your ability to balance properly. Your entire body works better with chiropractic but your balance centers are a major function affected by it. 

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