The Letter “N” In Function

Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord, DC, DPhCS





A-    Life is expressed:


1.    Life is an expression of body FUNCTION.

2.     Body function is controlled by body CHEMISTRY.

3.     Body chemistry is controlled by ORGANS.

4.     Organs are controlled by spinal NERVES.

5.     Spinal nerves are protected by BONES.


B-    Life is interfered:


1.     A spinal subluxation represents a MISALIGNMENT of bone.

2.     A misaligned bone represents INTERFERENCE of nerves.

3.     Nerve interference causes DYSFUNCTION of organs.

4.     Organ dysfunction DISRUPTS body chemistry.

5.     Disrupted body chemistry DECREASES body function.


C-    Life is restored.


1.     Chiropractic adjustments RE-ALIGN bone.

2.     Bone re-alignment RESTORES nerve function.

3.     Restored nerve function NORMALIZES organ function.

4.     Normal organ function BALANCES body chemistry.

5.     Balanced body chemistry INCREASES body function.