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A Chiropractors Gift

This special piece was written by one of Dr. Alvord's life long practice member who experienced miraculous changes under his care, and still does. 

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Asthma Sucks

Even though there isn’t an adjustment for breathing better, there is a direct connection to the nerves that let you breath better.  Everyone is different and everyone has different reasons for their breathing conditions.  However, one of the most commonly reported experiences with Chiropractic is breathing better and studies have shown that over half of all asthmatics report improvement in their asthma symptoms, and that is definitely worth checking out.

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Tonsil Talk

The interference in the back of your neck will cause dysfunction in the front of your neck, and that is where your tonsils are. Your Chiropractor can specifically find this interference and allow your body to restore function to your tonsils again by removing the interference, not your tonsils!  So start assigning the blame where it belongs, the silent subluxation in your neck, instead of the screaming tonsils in your throat.


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Addressing Addictions

There are many addictions and their associated treatments, but there are also all the compulsive disorders, just with a different name. This includes ADD, ADHD, Tourettes, Aspergers, learning disabilities, autisms and dyslexia. It’s time for society to stop depending on chemicals from outside ourselves and start relying on nature’s chemistry orchestrated by the Innate Intelligence within all of us.   
It’s time for Chiropractic.

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