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Are Your Nerves In A Pinch?

By the time we think we have a pinched nerve, we have probably been in a pinch for much longer than we thought. This is because it takes very little pressure to affect a nerve, and usually starts before we might feel anything abnormal as a result of it. Studies show that just the weight of a dime can decrease nerve function from 40-60%!

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TMJ- Is Your Jaw Talking Back At You?

Many people with a jaw condition will get unnecessary dental work and surgery in a desperate attempt to feel better. Many therapies are based on the changes seen as just effects of the real problem, effects from somewhere else, often the neck and spine. Don’t take the chance of having spinal subluxations run off at the mouth! See a chiropractor today.

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Sitting On Jelly Sandwiches

Have you been told you have a herniated disc? Have you had one or more back surgeries? NOW WHAT?! Can you heal from a herniated disc? YES! We will tell you exactly what a disc herniation is and how we can help without treatments, drugs, therapies, or surgery!

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3 Timeless Myths

Can chiropractic reverse again? Can chiropractic make us heal faster? Can an adjustment allow us to heal instantly?

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Counting Sleep

No matter how our brains need to prepare for sleep, there is no aspect that isn’t negatively affected by spinal interference. When any of the bones of the spine misalign they can interfere with how the brain works and sleep. Stop counting sheep and start counting on a good night sleep.  Get your spine checked today to make your night right.

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