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Whiplash / Car Accidents

Chiropractic is so different that you may have had all the coverage in the world on an accident claim, seen all the specialists and therapists, and still not be your best.  Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t assume that is the way life is supposed to be, regardless of what limitations were placed on you because you reach “Maximum Medical Improvement.”  

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Need A Leg Up With Leg Pain?

Treating the effects of sciatic symptoms will never deal with the cause. If we really want to get to the cause of sciatica, the most important question to ask is, “why”? In chiropractic, we specifically ask if there are spinal subluxations, which are interfering with your body’s ability to communicate with itself. The resulting dysfunction can cause irritation of the sciatic nerve directly in the hip area where it’s located, but often times this irritation is just compensation to a problem higher up in the spine. So the cause of your low back and leg condition could really be starting as a problem somewhere else, even as high as your upper neck! Get checked for subluxations and give your spine a leg up with sciatica.

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