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Bent Out of Shape? Scoliosis

What happens to a snake when there is a stranglehold on its neck? It coils up, even around the very hand holding it. Can you imagine observing all the curvature the snake uses to adapt to this situation, and then just trying to straighten out the snake with the other hand? It doesn’t make much sense, does it? Well, this is kind of like what happens to many people with scoliosis. For the best intentions, most things done to assess these people never addresses their body’s ability to react appropriately, curves or not. Only a chiropractic assessment and regular chiropractic adjustments will get your body working again the way it was designed. 

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Can You Stomach the Truth? All About Digestion...

Acid reflux, heartburn, colitis, digestion, ulcers, etc, are all connected to a master system. Make sure that system is functioning at 100%!

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Feeling Outmuscled By Muscle Problems?

Many muscle problems get better with chiropractic care, without ever treating muscles, without even trying. How is that possible? Chiropractic focuses on making sure that the intelligence that made your body, including your muscles, is able to communicate without interference. The power that made your muscles is the same power that gives your muscles power!

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Your Best New Years Resolution!

All your experiences, hopes, dreams and every single one of your New Year’s resolutions depend on your ability to relate to the new year through your nervous system. Get yours checked today! 

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