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Arthritis ... Not Your Parents' Joint Pain

Inflammation is the main way our body protects and heals us. It’s a process that is involved with virtually every other aspect of function, so the immune system is pretty darned important. Inflammation is its main tool. Arthritis pain is caused by inflammation, which is controlled by the immune system, which is controlled by the supreme system that controls everything in the body, the nervous system. And we all get interference to this system, called spinal subluxations. They decrease the function of the nervous system, which decreases the function of the immune system, which often increases inflammation, which often causes arthritis conditions, under many names. So regardless of whatever else you may do to treat the effects of inflammation, get your spine checked to make sure that the systems that control inflammation are working exactly as they should.


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Uncomfortably Numb; The Growing Opioid Addiction

Humanity, we have a problem. We were sold the idea that pain relief was health itself, instead of just being related to health. We were sold the idea that treating our pain and numbing up our lives was what we needed for a better life. We were sold “better health though chemistry” and chemicals for every ache and pain and condition. We were sold the idea that treating the effects of our problems would get to the cause of our problems. We were sold a lie, and it’s a big one. 


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The Facts About Fibromyalgia

Chiropractic doesn’t treat Fibromyalgia, much less any other condition in your body. But when we remove interference between the Innate Intelligence running your body from your brain through your spine, all the tissues in your body have their full potential returned back to them to function the way they are designed. This includes all your muscle and nerve junctions through your body. 

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When people are diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, it is usually related to inflammation and swelling in the wrist and is blamed on over-use activities for the cause. Doctors will observe that there is pressure on the nerve running through the wrist, so their solution ends up as CTS surgery. Just cutting perfectly normal structures might make you feel better, but it will never make your wrist function any better.

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