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"Not The Flu Again!!!" How To Protect Yourself

Is there really a way to protect yourself from the flu? 

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Hello Germs! "Can I Come In?"

Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord DC, DPhCS   It’s that time of year again: the Holidays. There are many seasons throughout the calendar year. Related to health, there are also allergy seasons and let’s not forget, the dreaded cold and flu season. The truth is, there are no such things. These are just names given to specific times of the year when many people have similar reactions. In reality, allergies and colds and the flu have more to do with the person than any place or thing. People love to blame the trees, the pollen or even the wind, but allergies aren’t about any of these things. Likewise, the problem also isn’t about any particular cold or flu bug. It’s about the person with the allergy, the cold, or the flu.   Here is a short course in microbiology, which is the study of the germs and microbes and their relationship to a society that has feared them for far too long. You see, everyone is exposed to practically everything, whether we know it or not or feel sym ...

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How can you protect yourself from Cold & Flu season? Have you ever noticed that some people are never sick, some people are always sick and yet other people are like dominoes, where it seems like germs just knock down the next person in line? If one person is always sick and another person is never sick, does that mean that germs like some people and don’t like others?

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Twin Engines

If you share the same blood and the same body with your conjoined twin, how could one get sick while the other is not? One gets cold, and the other is warm? One is good at math and one is good at writing? THE ANSWER: They have separate spines and nervous systems! They have a separate Innate Intelligence controlling them! The germs we are exposed to do not make us sick. It's our own bodies RESPONSE to that microbe that makes us sick. It all begins with a healthy nervous system and only a Chiropractor can make sure your nervous system is functioning properly. 




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Are You Tired of Being Sick?

If your immune nervous system is working properly, everything else in your body is working properly, including your immune system. This can only happen with chiropractic care. 

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