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Arthritis ... Not Your Parents' Joint Pain

Inflammation is the main way our body protects and heals us. It’s a process that is involved with virtually every other aspect of function, so the immune system is pretty darned important. Inflammation is its main tool. Arthritis pain is caused by inflammation, which is controlled by the immune system, which is controlled by the supreme system that controls everything in the body, the nervous system. And we all get interference to this system, called spinal subluxations. They decrease the function of the nervous system, which decreases the function of the immune system, which often increases inflammation, which often causes arthritis conditions, under many names. So regardless of whatever else you may do to treat the effects of inflammation, get your spine checked to make sure that the systems that control inflammation are working exactly as they should.


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Feeling Outmuscled By Muscle Problems?

Many muscle problems get better with chiropractic care, without ever treating muscles, without even trying. How is that possible? Chiropractic focuses on making sure that the intelligence that made your body, including your muscles, is able to communicate without interference. The power that made your muscles is the same power that gives your muscles power!

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Autoimmune Order

What often looks like your body fighting itself is really just your compromised immune system fighting the best it can with one hand tied behind your back, because that is exactly where the real problem is. If we only see soldiers with war, we could wrongly conclude that soldiers caused the war instead of the reason why the soldiers are called onto the battlefield to fight for us in the first place.


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