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Innate Nate

Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord DC, DPhCS   There’s something in Nate that makes him pretty special.   His toys need batteries or an outlet, but there’s something special in Nate. He can catch a baseball in his mitt by eating a banana split! He can make a saucy smile out of a red spaghetti pile! He can even draw a carrot by eating a raw carrot!   His ripped pants can’t fix themselves, but there something special in Nate. He can make a disappearing scrape, without a magic cape! He can turn a big cut on his knee into a little line you can barely see! He can turn his skin black and blue, then back to pink for you!   Nate’s teddy bear can’t feel anything, but there’s something special in Nate. He can turn a joke into a giggle, or a tickle into a wiggle! He can turn a test into butterflies, or make them fly away if he is wise! He can make a tear from a shove, or a make a hug into a love!   Something in Nate is special, but what, why or w ...

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Back To School, Back To You

Do you feel like you and your children are backed against a wall? Are you dreading another school year because of health or learning issues? Not looking forward to the calls from the school nurse, the teachers, or even the principal? Are all the sick days making you sick? Wondering how you are going to get through the homework? Once again this year, many children will get on their buses armed with books, but they will not be armed with the one thing they need the most for their health, learning, and overall well being: a fully functioning nervous system that controls their entire lives. 

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