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Pain Is A Gift

Pain is normal and natural, based on the specific adaptations required by the body at a specific time. Normal sensation in chiropractic means expression without interference. Welcome the sensation, whatever it is, both as someone laying on an adjusting table and as someone standing over a table.  Pain is there to serve you while it is present and it will remain as long as it is required by the body. 

Pain is truly a gift.


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Twin Engines

If you share the same blood and the same body with your conjoined twin, how could one get sick while the other is not? One gets cold, and the other is warm? One is good at math and one is good at writing? THE ANSWER: They have separate spines and nervous systems! They have a separate Innate Intelligence controlling them! The germs we are exposed to do not make us sick. It's our own bodies RESPONSE to that microbe that makes us sick. It all begins with a healthy nervous system and only a Chiropractor can make sure your nervous system is functioning properly. 




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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

With chiropractic adjustments, the intelligence running your body is expressed again fully, allowing your immune system to also work optimally. 

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