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Hello Germs! "Can I Come In?"

Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord DC, DPhCS   It’s that time of year again: the Holidays. There are many seasons throughout the calendar year. Related to health, there are also allergy seasons and let’s not forget, the dreaded cold and flu season. The truth is, there are no such things. These are just names given to specific times of the year when many people have similar reactions. In reality, allergies and colds and the flu have more to do with the person than any place or thing. People love to blame the trees, the pollen or even the wind, but allergies aren’t about any of these things. Likewise, the problem also isn’t about any particular cold or flu bug. It’s about the person with the allergy, the cold, or the flu.   Here is a short course in microbiology, which is the study of the germs and microbes and their relationship to a society that has feared them for far too long. You see, everyone is exposed to practically everything, whether we know it or not or feel sym ...

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Tonsil Talk

The interference in the back of your neck will cause dysfunction in the front of your neck, and that is where your tonsils are. Your Chiropractor can specifically find this interference and allow your body to restore function to your tonsils again by removing the interference, not your tonsils!  So start assigning the blame where it belongs, the silent subluxation in your neck, instead of the screaming tonsils in your throat.


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