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Pain Is A Gift

Pain is normal and natural, based on the specific adaptations required by the body at a specific time. Normal sensation in chiropractic means expression without interference. Welcome the sensation, whatever it is, both as someone laying on an adjusting table and as someone standing over a table.  Pain is there to serve you while it is present and it will remain as long as it is required by the body. 

Pain is truly a gift.


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Do Your Blood Pressure Issues Make Your Blood Boil?

The American Heart Association released new blood pressure guidelines that have lowered what "normal" is and they say over HALF of the adults are now considered to have "high blood pressure"! DID YOU KNOW CHIROPRACTIC regulates blood pressure and we have helped countless people go OFF their meds when they begin care in our office! Call us to schedule a FREE exam with our doctor. 952.944.2133 Read what Dr. Alvord has to say about your blood pressure...

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When Am I Going To Get Better?

No matter where you go to have anything go away, no one can tell you how anything will go specifically in you.  If they do, they are guessing because every single person is unique and responds differently because our symptoms are as unique as the conditions behind them.  How many different ways can people feel with heart disease or cancer?  It’s the same way with nerve interference. No matter what other stresses there are in your life, your ability to handle all stress is improved with your Chiropractic care.  It has been said that you cannot change the wind but you can adjust the sails. There are many winds that blow our boats around in this day and age but if you stay the course with Chiropractic, you will always be pointed away from the storm.

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TMJ- Is Your Jaw Talking Back At You?

Many people with a jaw condition will get unnecessary dental work and surgery in a desperate attempt to feel better. Many therapies are based on the changes seen as just effects of the real problem, effects from somewhere else, often the neck and spine. Don’t take the chance of having spinal subluxations run off at the mouth! See a chiropractor today.

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Counting Sleep

No matter how our brains need to prepare for sleep, there is no aspect that isn’t negatively affected by spinal interference. When any of the bones of the spine misalign they can interfere with how the brain works and sleep. Stop counting sheep and start counting on a good night sleep.  Get your spine checked today to make your night right.

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The Chiropractic “BOGO”!

Chiropractic adjustments are easy for pregnant women, just as they are for everyone else and the experience is usually easier than you think. 

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The Nose Knows

Why dont the allergens that people love to demonize, such as pollen, animals, mold and anything else, cause the same reaction in everyone?

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Fever Achiever

Don't demonize your fevers. Just make sure to get your spine checked for interference to make sure your fever can help you.

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A Gift of Love

True love leads a couple to try Creation Chiropractic - with surprising results. 

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A New “Yule”

Make sure that your first resolution is to a visit a chiropractor so you can remove the interference to the rest of your New Year’s resolutions. Your future depends on it.

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