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I started going to Creation Chiropractic in July of 2014. I find it very refreshing to be able to get checked and adjusted (if needed) by a doc that is only practicing chiropractic. I would recommend Creation to anyone who is interested in receiving chiropractic!

Dr. Merkt~ Minneapolis



I've been going to Creation Chiropractic since the Fall of 2012. Dr Matt Alvord's practice is unlike any other. His office deals with subluxations only. I can only explain it this way. Ever since I've been getting adjustments at Creation Chiropractic, my body works as my system should. I truly feel whole. Dr Alvord clears any subluxations in my nervous system and I am myself. Balance is restored to me physically and mentally. I am working as I should. I've had a stroke and I have recovered and am still healing because my body is working at its best with no blockages in my spine. I can count on Dr Alvord to help do away with the interferences so that my system can do it's best. I look forward to my visits there because of the welcoming and friendly environment (that both Dr Alvord and Vicki provide), and to keep my system free of any subluxations. The best chiropractor I have seen in my life. I highly recommend their practice. You don't know what you're missing!

Eric~ Edina



I first heard of Dr. (Matt) Alvord about 10 years ago from my daughter and her family. She (my daughter) would often say to me that I should really go see him.

I live 50 miles away and had a long-term chiropractor whose office is just a few short blocks away from where I live.
I had been seeing him for 15-20 years, I bet. I often needed to go there up to two times per week at $45 a crack. I was going broke, and my fix was very temporary, at best.

I am an older female with jaw, neck, sinus, back, knee, hip, (you name it) problems, and I just never really got better. I used to pray for healing in each of these specific areas, but to no avail.

When I first met with Dr. (Matt) Alvord and Vicki, I saw the truth of what they shared. It just made sense, and it all seemed so simple. Keep those channels open knowing the body has its own ability to heal itself.

I have worn extended lifts in my shoes for about 15 years because, or so I was told, of a leg length discrepancy. There was a 3/8" lift attached to the left heel. Because the 3/8" lift was so high, it forced my toes to go forward, causing hammertoes and a bunionette to develop, which were rather painful, to say the least. The end result was having to undergo a foot surgery and being out of work for almost 11 weeks.

Because of never really being "fixed", over the years I have dealt with severe TMJD, a twisted hip, which I feel helped contribute to my bad left knee (Chondromalacia Patella), a series of shots in the knee to ease the pain, allergies, severe sinus issues, needing two separate nasal surgeries, being on antibiotics for 15-20 years for sinus infections, allergy shots (four) for just as long, back problems, - I could go on and on. I was a wreck.

Then last Dec. I was involved in an auto accident and really had to see my "regular" chiropractor. But because the insurance was dealing with the main problem of whiplash, my chiropractor basically dealt w/the neck and to heck with the rest. I wasn't getting what I needed and was in a lot of pain. Now mind you, I really liked him, but the bottom line was he wasn't helping me, only worrying about how the insurance would see things.

That's when my daughter really began advising me to go see "Dr. Matt". I thought about it for a while, and then one day took the plunge; what the heck did I have to lose?

I began seeing Dr. Alvord in earnest near the end of January. He told me I would have to eventually let go of that 3/8" lift. I didn't see how I could: I needed that lift, have always had it, depended on it.

Well, my body let me decide when it was time to gently give up an eighth of an inch at a time. Now that 3/8" is totally gone.
I have slowly let go of three of the allergy shots and am nearing the end of number four. Have been antibiotic-free for six months, which in itself, is a miracle after all those years. My jaw has become more stabilized, which also has/had an effect in the focusing of my eyes. (A big issue for me).

I still have more work to do in becoming the healthy "me" that I intend to be... day at a time. I heard many times from Dr. Alvord that "your body is working towards normal". Makes perfect sense to me. To make a long story longer *;) winking, I have put many, many miles on my car, knowing in the end, I am working towards Normal, and what can be more rewarding than that?

My thanks to Dr. Alvord and Vicki.

Thank you.

Judy~ Wisconsin



I have known Dr. Alvord for 20 years. I started care after I slipped on my dock and hit my head and messed up my back. I felt a lot better after care but I didn't know that Chiropractic care would help my high blood pressure too. All my life I have struggled with high blood pressure... 190/90. Several months after care,  I went to the grocery store and decided to check his blood pressure, and it was NORMAL!




Since I have been getting adjusted I have gone from having difficulty walking to having my whole body feeling better then it has in years.

Steve~ Chanhassen



​​​​​​​Too long to fit here- started about age 18 with back problems from leaning over cars at Rapid Oil.  Left untreated until a car accident about 21 years old.  Did the regular Chiropractic adjustment/therapy/massage to no avail and gave up after 1 year- lived with pain until had to have surgery to fix lower back- mostly- at least the worst problem- After 3 months at Creation Chiropractic our whole family is healthier and happier!  -BETTER 100% FOR ALL OF US.

Matthew~ Shakopee



​​​​​​​My 12 month old had been on antibiotics many times for ear infections. We were getting ready to put tubes in her ears when we met Dr. Alvord. He explained to us that antibiotics and tubes would never address the cause of my daughters ear infections. He delivered a Chiropractic Adjustment. My daughter never had another ear infection! She is a healthy teenager today and our whole family continue to see Dr. Alvord every week!!

Chuck ~ Plymouth



I suffered with Carpal Tunnel in both arms for 14 years. I had massage therapy, ultrasound therapy, trigger point therapy, and wore braces to bed each night. I was scheduled for surgery when I met Dr. Alvord. After 2 weeks of Chiropractic, my symptoms started to decrease slightly. I postponed my surgery. After 2 months, I canceled my surgery. After 2 years, the Carpal Tunnel was GONE. 14 years later, I still get regular Chiropractic Care.

Vicki ~ Plymouth



I had ulnar neuropathy in both arms and pain in my neck and shoulders. After a few months of Chiropractic, my symptoms have resolved. Its nice not having to take Neproxen.

James ~ Chanhassen



​​​​​​​I had Plantar Fasciitis for 6 years!! I had cortisone shots, and I wore orthotics. It got so bad I had to wear a boot at night to sleep in. Then the medical doctor put me in a boot to wear all day. They kept treating the symptoms but no one could figure out what was causing my problem. NOTHING HELPED! That's when a miracle occurred. I met Dr. Alvord and started getting regular Chiropractic Adjustments. With time and repetition, my Plantar Fasciitis was GONE! I have made Chiropractic part of my LIFE!

Laurie ~ Hopkins



Dr. Alvord adjusts my spinal nerves for subluxation blockages and makes the body function the way it was designed. Dr. Matthew Alovrd is pure Chiropractic and understands the life bodies function. I get adjusted regularly.

Sam ~ Eden Prairie



Dr. Matthew Alvord is our Chiropractor. He is very thorough and very knowledgeable. His office is very easy to access and it is a friendly office.

Dan ~ Chaska



​​​​​​​I've been seeing Dr. Alvord since 1997 when I started working in Eden Prairie. Even though I no longer work in Eden Prairie, I will not change Chiropractors because I've learned that not all Chiropractors are the same. Dr. Alvord adjusts you by the best method for you and ensures spinal alignment for maximum well being. Ask Vicki, office manager, to tell you her story!

Bren ~ MN



​​​​​​​I suffered in pain with cluster headaches, and my entire body was in pain. I had MRI's, Cat Scans, took medication and steroids, tried acupuncture and a lot of other chiropractors who did 'clunk, clunk, clunk' on my neck, I was getting worse. Someone told me to see Dr. Alvord. I received ONE SPECIFIC ADJUSTMENT to my neck and the PAIN AND PRESSURE IN MY HEAD AND BODY WAS GONE. I DRIVE 40 MILES EACH WAY to see him every week. I have learned that everything in my body is all connected and I receive Chiropractic Care to make sure I am functioning at 100%:

Dan ~ Minneapolis



My daughter always got sick and the year before we met Dr. Alvord she had strep throat 9 times in just that one year that was combined with vomiting and a fever. She was so sick! We started  with Dr. Alvord one year ago and she has not been sick ONCE since we started care! My whole family comes every week  to get checked and we are AMAZED!

Susie ~ Bloomington



Within 2 to 3 visits I started sleeping through the night (which hasn't happened in almost a year) and I have stopped taking a daily dosage of acid reflux medication due to subluxations!

Kevin ~ Richfield



I was suffering from Bliperospasms (uncontrollable blinking) for the last 20 years. I used to take botiherlinum injections around my eyes. After second adjustment by Dr. Alvord, my pressure around my eyes reduced and I am blinking less.

Basu ~ Edina



I have been going to see Dr. Alvord for 5 years every 2 weeks. He is amazing! Dr. Alvord always takes time for his patients and is never in a hurry.

Deborah ~ Eden Prairie



I have been using this doctor for more than 2 years. You seldom wait more than 5 minutes to see Dr. Alvord. He and his staff are very professional and friendly. I highly recommend him to my friends.

Kat ~ Chaska



I used to be afraid of adjustments but Dr. Matt makes me laugh and I love him. My body knows how to heal!

Matea ~ age 5



Dr. Alvord always provides excellent service. He has helped me and my family with a variety of issues including headaches, back problems, and general stiffness and soreness overall.

Michelle ~ Eden Prairie



I am an ongoing patient of Dr. Alvord. I have confidence in his adjustments and professionalism.

Roy ~ Edina



He helped alleviate my back pain and now I go for regular adjustments.

Karen ~ Golden Valley



Dr. Alvord had helped me and my 6 children with a variety of health issues including neck, back, foot. elbow. and general cold and sinus problems. At first skeptical, but now recommend Chiropractic to my family and friends.

Linda ~ Eden Prairie



Having intense burning pain at base of neck, I underwent traction, massage therapy, heat and cold therapy, hand splints, various exercises and cortisone injections in both hands and neck, then referred to a Chiropractor by my MD. I chose Dr. Alvord who quickly determined the misaligned vertebrae in my neck was putting pressure on a nerve causing intense pain down both arms and hands. It only took 1 month to feel SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT and I am now PAIN FREE!

Kathleen ~ Eden Prairie



We do not come to see Dr. Matt for symptoms, but instead to keep our bodies working properly. He has changed our lives and we have changed our lives in every way. We wouldn't go anywhere else; Dr. Matt is the ABSOLUTE! All 5 of us see him.

Heidi ~ Prior Lake



Not being able to sleep for the past 5 years, I spent over $2000 on bed mattresses but that wasn't the problem. My spine had subluxations! Chiropractic is something I've always needed and now my spine is 100% thanks to Dr. Alvord. I recommend Dr. Alvord to anyone. He is OUTSTANDING!

Louis ~ St. Louis Park



Because he trusts your body to heal itself and is so positive in his belief in 'Health as our Birthright', the atmosphere is conducive to helping us be all God created us to be!

Susan ~ Eden Prairie



Dizziness went uncontrolled for a month. I saw 8 different doctors and no one could figure out what was wrong. ..kept giving me more medication that didn't help. With chiropractic, I can enjoy life again! It's been a blessing! Dr. Alvord has changed my life!

Amanda ~ Shakopee



I have had severe ear infections since birth and was going to get tubes in my ears until my mom brought me to see Dr. Matt. After my first adjustment, I never had another ear infection! That was 11 years ago and I still get checked every week by him.

Michele ~ Plymouth (age 12 now)



I work better when Dr. Matt gives me a 'majusment'! (adjustment)

Josephine ~ age 5



Whether my last appointment was 3 days ago or 3 weeks ago, Dr. Alvord makes sure to evaluate my balance and then adjust as needed. To me seeing is believing and I truly believe in Chiropractic after working with Dr. Alvord. His approach to it makes my visits easy and straight forward and very beneficial.

Nafe ~ Twin Cities



It's not an exaggeration, I can truly love life for the first time in years! Dr. Alvord met my 26-year challenge of gut issues such as pain, bloating, and gas with relief at last. Yes, I did traditional medical treatment since the age of 10 without much success. My family has certainly recommended Dr. Alvord.

Todd ~ Eden Prairie



Born with asthma and allergies, I was on medication for over 30 years including steroids, nebulizers, allergy shots and antihistamines. I also suffered with severe anxiety disorder and depression and sleeplessness. I met Dr. Alvord and was educated on the importance of having subluxations removed. After 18 months of adjustments, I was off of all medications and was symptom free!  I continue to get checked weekly to make sure my body is functioning at it's optimal level. At age 42, I have never been happier, healthier, or had more LIFE in me!

Marie ~ Eden Prairie



Have more ambition and feel much more active...I totally support Chiropractic and Dr. Alvord.

Kathleen ~ Edina



...after vertebral fusion in 1994, I've always had lower and upper back soreness and stiffness. I am now able to function better in my job and participate in physical fitness.

Dave ~ Eden Prairie



My medical doctor wanted to perform surgery for tail bone pain, but after a visit with Dr. Alvord my pain was almost completely gone. I feel so much better now and I see Dr. Alvord regularly and recommend him as well.

Jan ~ Eden Prairie



My sinus pressure was a challenge for over 30 years...the sinus pressure was reduced from a 10 down to a 2. I certainly recommend Chiropractic.

David ~ Eden Prairie



I never experienced Chiropractic before with my on and off lower back pain. Chiropractic improved my range of motion and eliminated the pain I was experiencing. At first I was apprehensive and nervous but that disappeared after Dr. Alvord's adjustments.

Sherrie ~ Bloomington



From training for my first 5K run, I developed a knee injury as well as suffering from whiplash for 20 years from a bad car accident. After Chiropractic, and getting my motion back, I am focused on long term health. YES, Dr. Alvord is the best and that's why I recommend him.

Cynthia ~ Edina