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Creation Chiropractic is Different.

About Creation ChiropracticWe are so different that even if you’ve been to a chiropractor before, you will learn things on your first visit about you and your health that you never knew. Chiropractic doesn’t treat anything, and the goal isn’t to get rid of your health condition. It isn’t even about making you feel better, although all of the above usually gets better when your body is given the chance to get back to the way it was designed.

So what the heck is chiropractic about? We believe that NOTHING IS BIGGER THAN LIFE. We think you do too. But what is life? We are creations from a Creator who has been creating and recreating us since we were two cells in our mothers. That is why we are called Creation Chiropractic. It is a simple yet powerful reference to our source and its expression through the nervous system, the first thing to develop within just a few hours of conception, to communicate and control every single cell that will develop afterward to become YOU.

After this amazing process, you were born into a world that is a lot bigger and a lot different than you. And although the amazing intelligence working through you is unlimited, the matter you are created from IS limited. From the very beginning and throughout your entire life, your body must adapt to interference that happens regularly between your brain and body, along your spine. These vertebral subluxations lessen your life by interfering with all the intentions of your Creator. This is a big problem.