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Headaches can be a real headache. But many think their headache IS the problem. A recent study showed that when people took medications for their headache symptoms, most thought that their headache problem was gone with the pain. That is a big disconnect going on between cause and effect. Pain is just a secondary condition to a primary one. That means there has to be a primary cause for every secondary condition.  

When we only treat the effect, we not only don’t address the problem, we don’t honor the real cause. So when new people to the office tell me that the migraine medications they have been taking for years have recently “quit working,” I like to tell them that is great news! After they are done looking at me strangely, I remind them that that as long as some kind of therapy disconnects their pain, they won’t be motivated to go looking for the cause of their migraines. Once this shift in focus changes, they can start to live a healthier, better life - one where they honor the intelligence in their body, and the effects of interference that happens along the way.

Everyone gets spinal subluxations. Everyone. Most begin at birth and as we are on this earth longer, the rest catch up eventually. But since we are all different, we manifest potential symptoms related to subluxations differently, as well. One of the many possible ways to experience these effects is with headaches.  A national headache society once listed 122 known, distinct types of headaches. What a headache! Of those, a significant fraction of headaches are migraines. But spinal subluxations  are non-discriminating. That list is just an example of how different we all are, and your nervous system and interference to it are involved with every type on that list.  

Again, chiropractic doesn’t treat anything. That includes any kind of headache. Nevertheless, there are also studies that show chiropractic adjustments help most headaches. One particular study done in Michigan has shown that out of 330 chronic migraine sufferers, over 80% of them had their headaches reduced within just nine chiropractic adjustments. Pretty impressive outcome, since there is no such thing as a headache adjustment. There is only assessing and specifically adjusting each unique individual and having their body begin to express itself the way it is designed again.  

This also goes for the smaller fraction of people whose headaches didn’t improve within the time frame of the study. Their function still improved like the others, it’s just that their headaches might require more time to respond to the adjustments. Sometimes, headaches are just simply coming from other causes. But no matter what, you are always better off without nerve interference but anyone with headaches has one more reason to get their spine checked.