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Ever heard of the saying “No pain, no gain?” It is a common mantra used in fitness to motivate people to get in better shape and to train for sporting events. But without a properly working nervous system, all that pain - and gain - can be for naught. People also have the mentality that they can work through the pain and love to brag that they have a high pain tolerance, but this tough mindset is often in denial of what is actually causing much of this pain with reasonable exercise.  

The nervous system is the master system of the body: it controls everything. What does this have to do with sports? Everything! This system affects your strength, balance, flexibility and energy. If you are not removing spinal subluxations that interfere with the nervous system, all of these essential body functions related to sports and exercise will not work as well.  

Many common symptoms related to a decrease of these body functions are always complicated by spinal subluxations or caused by them altogether! What we often think is just “wear and tear” from use is just our body working much harder than it should to perform the same physical tasks, because it can’t do what it was designed to do. 

For example, jumper’s knee is a common ailment in high school athletes. Interestingly, only some get it while the rest don’t, with the exact same activity! Once someone has inflammation of the knee in this way, the advice is just to reduce the activity and treat the inflammation. That’s like having a car with uneven joint wear, and then just cooling down the hot joints and telling the driver to stop driving their car!  

Even though that doesn’t make sense with our car, we tend to get caught up in just treating the symptoms without getting to the cause. Knee problems are often a complication of something that is nowhere near the knee: the spine.  

Hippocrates said, “Look to the spine for the cause of disease.” For such an old saying, he has been proven largely right. All functions in the body require the spine to work properly without interference so that the nervous system can perform the way it needs to, so YOU can perform the way you need to.  

The nice thing about the auto mechanic aligning your car is that they don’t need to know if you are going to work doing city miles or driving to Yellowstone Park on vacation doing highway miles. They just need to know how your car is in their shop. Your chiropractor doesn’t need to know what you plan on doing with your body, which sport or which physical demands; they just need to know what they find in their office when they check for spinal subluxations. Call today to get everything aligned and let chiropractic get you back on the road at top speed!