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What is "Specific Chiropractic"

Specific ChiropracticIf you have to ask, you don’t know. All kidding aside, even if you have been to a chiropractor before, you probably haven’t had it because most chiropractors don’t practice it. Here is a quick test to find out if you have had specific chiropractic care: Did you have a pre-check each time to make sure you needed an adjustment? Did you have a post check after each adjustment to make sure you were clear of subluxations? Did they only have to contact one or two specific places per adjustment? Have you ever not needed an adjustment on any one visit? If not, you have not had specific chiropractic care.  

The difference is huge. It’s the difference between chiropractic and spinal therapy, or any therapy for that matter. Chiropractic doesn’t treat anything, but many conditions therapists attempt to treat go away when the cause of the condition is removed with specific chiropractic adjustments. Therapy on your car would be like disconnecting the oil light instead of changing the oil. The good mechanic knows the light is just an effect, and ends up checking the engine.  

Many people are convinced that their pain or condition is the problem, but the real problem is always what is causing their pain or condition. Everything else is a secondary condition to the cause. Isn’t that what you are really after? Can you imagine going to an auto mechanic when a light comes on your dashboard, and before you can even sit down in the lobby, he comes out to tell you the good news: He has found the cause of your oil light problem and he shows you the scissors he just used to snip the wire going to your oil light? Most people would be angry. But what happens when the therapist just treats the effects of our body without addressing the cause? Our society not only doesn’t get angry, we actually refer people to them! No wonder why people are getting sicker and sicker with more and more therapy.

Now think what happens when we go to the therapist who just treats the secondary effects of the real problem. Although therapy might feel good, it will never remove the interference that is causing your body to adapt less than it is capable of. It can only numb, patch and treat the effects that your body is intelligently responding to its needs. No exercise, stretching, traction, stimulation, needle, ointment or tape will remove a spinal subluxation. This is the single job of the specific chiropractor. The number one question we ask in our office is “Why.” Why would an intelligent body adapt with a muscle spasm? Why would an intelligent body adapt with inflammation?  Why would an intelligent body adapt with pain?  

There is always an intelligent reason why your body needs to do whatever it does, whether we understand it or not, whether we appreciate it or not. "Why” is a magical question. When we ask why, we get to the cause. And the cause of your body’s inability to adapt the way it is designed, is because of interference to the nervous system. Spinal therapy just manipulates fixations, numbs pain and hampers muscle function. Specific chiropractic simply removes the interference and then your body can get back to being your best.