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Feeling Outmuscled By Muscle Problems?

Many muscle problems get better with chiropractic care, without ever treating muscles, without even trying. How is that possible? Chiropractic focuses on making sure that the intelligence that made your body, including your muscles, is able to communicate without interference. The power that made your muscles is the same power that gives your muscles power! This power is the intelligence that runs from your head to your toes, through your nervous system and spine, allowing your brain to move your toes with proper muscle tone. And then your toes and muscles return the favor, sending vital information back to the brain so it can make well-informed decisions.

The way to not get outmuscled by muscle conditions is to understand how your muscles work and why they have their tone in the first place. Muscle tone can be increased, which is usually called a spasm, and can produce pain, as well as decreased flexibility and function. But muscle tone can also be decreased, which can often cause similar problems for different reasons. No matter what your muscle tone is, you need to make sure that the tone is exactly what the intelligence running your body needs it to be. That means you can’t have interference between your brain and the nerves running through your spine that communicate with your muscles so they work and adapt correctly. 

Muscles work hard…. almost all the time, even when you are sleeping. Ever wake up with a muscle cramp? Exactly. The only time they stop receiving proper nerve signals from the brain is when you have interference to these signals, or when you are dead. And since you aren’t dead, without interference, your muscles are doing exactly what they need to do to react and compensate for all the different demands in your life.

For example, although people don’t like muscle spasms, they create a natural splint to protect a specific area for a specific reason. This allows you to heal better when it happens for the right reason, at the right time, as long as there is no interference to the spasm. Often times, the interference is causing the spasms altogether! If you treat this effect, it just takes away from this intelligent adaptation and will never get to the cause of why you have the spasm in the first place. You might feel better, but you won’t actually be better until the interference is removed.

Always remember that there is a good reason for everything your body does, whether we understand it or not, or whether we appreciate it or not. Just make sure that your muscles are doing exactly what they need to do for you, without interference from your muscle mover, the intelligence within you from your brain. The key is you spine, where the interference happens. This means that your muscle problem, wherever it is and however it is, may actually be a spine problem. So get checked by a chiropractor and don’t let muscle problems outmuscle YOU.