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Chiropractic Is For Back Pain, Isn’t It?

Back pain is to chiropractic like bellies are to exercise. They are definitely related, since most back pain is just a complication of spinal subluxations, but chiropractic doesn’t treat back pain anymore than exercise treats weight. Most people lose weight with exercise, but diet and other factors play a role too, don’t they? Well, this relationship is similar to chiropractic adjustments and back pain, or any other pain for that matter. Regardless, exercise is always good for you whether you lose weight or not, and Chiropractic always improves the function of the your body. Always.

Would it surprise you to know that the very first chiropractic adjustment was given to someone who didn’t have back pain? On September 18, 1895, 120 years ago, a janitor from Davenport Iowa had his hearing loss restored as a result of chiropractic adjustments. Pretty cool, huh? But chiropractic doesn’t treat hearing loss either, since that has other causes as well. And yet, millions of people have had most of their symptoms and conditions go away as a result of having their spinal subluxations removed with chiropractic adjustments. What gives?

So how does Chiropractic actually help back pain without treating it? Back pain can come from any number of things such as muscle spasms, joint inflammation or even organ dysfunction that can refer to the back from another area of the body. No matter what, the nervous system controls and coordinates every tissue in the body. So regardless of the cause of the back pain, you can guarantee that the nervous system is directly involved in helping the body function and heal from whatever condition, including those that may cause back pain. What do you think might happen if there is interference to that system? You’ve got it, a lesser version of YOU. Back pain and all.

Back pain is one of the most common ailments known to man. Therefore, it’s not surprising how often people are seeking relief for it, in countless treatments and therapies. And yet, no remedy is designed to address the cause of what might be going on with the effect of back pain. Here is an example of good intentions in the wrong direction: Someone with low back pain goes to the spinal therapist to feel better. The therapist diagnoses them with muscle spasm and joint fixation. They proceed to treat it with things like muscle stimulation, anti-inflammatory medication and spinal manipulation and as a result, they often feel better.

But what is actually happening? Muscle therapy can loosen tight muscles, but why were the muscles tight in the first place? Anti-inflammatory medications can reduce inflammation, but what is causing the inflammation? Guess what controls the tone of every muscle in the body? What controls inflammation? What controls everything in the body? Right again, all roads lead to the nervous system. Regardless of what kind of back pain you have, you will want to make sure your nervous system is clear of interference so your spine and body can work exactly like it should, without any of the possible complications of spinal subluxations that may result in back pain. Schedule an appointment today to find out exactly what is going on with your spine.