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The Wealth Of Info At Your Feet

Posted: December 16, 2019
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,


         There are many things in our daily life when we measure one place to see how something is in another place. For example, the dashboard in our car gives important feedback about what is happening under the hood. The monitor on our desk gives us details about the processing of the computer under the table. And a barometer on the ground can tell us what is going on in the sky.

         This is true for the body as well. Eye exams can determine dozens of illnesses elsewhere in the body. Nail beds on our fingers can reveal various conditions happening anywhere else.  And checking the pulse at our wrist can tell us information throughout the body; especially the heart in our chest.

            People often ask us how we can tell what is going on in their spine by looking at their feet. We can take for granted all the familiar ways we check things during our day, but chiropractic exams follow the same logic as many of these other assessments in our life. It’s really just another measurement that was available to us all along but we didn’t know we could check for it.

         When we check your feet as you lay on the chiropractic table, the obvious observation is your leg length. Since your legs are extensions of your spine, it will show how your spine is twisting in a specific way. But we can also pick up much more information, such as tiny changes in the muscles which give instant feedback about how the nervous system is functioning. We aren’t just simply checking if one leg is shorter than the other. We are also checking to see exactly HOW one leg is shorter than the other, which turns out to be the majority of the assessment.

         If we look closer at the pulse at your wrist, most people are aware that they can measure the number of beats within a minute, but this assessment goes much deeper than that. Most people can check their heart rate, but it requires a true expert to discern HOW your heart is beating. As it turns out, there are many clinical ways to describe a pulse. Here are some examples of pulse characteristics:

Deep, floating, rapid, empty, full, slippery, choppy, long, short, overflowing, fine, minute, tight, wiry, hollow leathery, firm, soggy, weak, scattered, hidden, moving, hasty, knotted, intermittent, racing.

         As you can see, there is lots going on behind the scene of just counting beats per minute. Anyone can lay someone on a table and get an idea about which of their legs is shorter than the other and by how much. But to know the extra details of all the observations that can be measured requires experience and expertise.

         What can an experienced chiropractic assessment at your feet determine about what is going on at the other end of you? It can tell us everything we need to know about the location of your nerve interference as well as the direction, timing and nature of the specific force required to correct it.   

         Just like a keener observation of the pulse at your wrist can give specific details about your heart, a well-trained chiropractor can find out a lot about your spine and body by looking at your feet. Regardless of how you feel, we can tell you exactly when, where and how your nervous system has interference and know exactly what to do about it.

         Any valid analysis should determine how you are regardless of how you feel, and leg length analysis is no different. We are able to find out what the problem is whether you have pain or not. We are even able to tell if the true problem is where your pain is, or often times in a quiet place in another area that may feel fine. For example, someone may complain about left low back pain but their real problem could very well be coming from the right side of their neck.

         A chiropractor doesn’t find all the detailed pulse descriptions listed above because we are simply not trained for that. You also can’t expect any other kind doctor to find the specific interference to your nervous system like a well-trained chiropractor. The only way to know for sure is to have an experienced chiropractor check you for the interference no one else can find.

Innate Nate

Posted: October 16, 2019
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,


There’s something in Nate that makes him pretty special.thumbnail

His toys need batteries or an outlet, but there’s something special in Nate.
He can catch a baseball in his mitt by eating a banana split!
He can make a saucy smile out of a red spaghetti pile!
He can even draw a carrot by eating a raw carrot!

His ripped pants can’t fix themselves, but there something special in Nate.
He can make a disappearing scrape, without a magic cape!
He can turn a big cut on his knee into a little line you can barely see!
He can turn his skin black and blue, then back to pink for you!

Nate’s teddy bear can’t feel anything, but there’s something special in Nate.
He can turn a joke into a giggle, or a tickle into a wiggle!
He can turn a test into butterflies, or make them fly away if he is wise!
He can make a tear from a shove, or a make a hug into a love!

Something in Nate is special, but what, why or who?
There is a power deep inside him, and you have it too.
Everybody has it, and everything at the zoo!
You always had it in you, and it always just knew!

It’s everywhere inside you, as long as you are you.
To give you super powers, no matter what you do!

The Phases of Healing: From Drought to Harvest

Posted: October 2, 2019
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,



There are specific phases we go through when we heal, regardless of how we feel along the way.  Knowing about them can give us perspective on what is going on behind the scenes. It can also encourage us to stick to what it will take to get better. 

Healing phases occur when we are new to chiropractic care or if we haven’t had consistent care. The longer we go without care, the more conditioned our body is to dysfunction and the more time and repetition is required to get right again. 

The analogy of a garden is a good way to describe the nature of healing. The various plants are the organs in your body and the soil is the tissues between your organs. The water hose leading to the garden is your nervous system and the water is the nerve supply communicated by your nervous system. The kink in the hose is the interference.


Phase One:

           As soon as the water hose becomes kinked, the garden begins to wilt even though it is still green.  Over time, the entire garden becomes dry, hard and barren. The spinal misalignment kinking your spine also causes dysfunction immediately, although you may feel fine. Eventually, your entire body is suffering from one little misalignment. 

Unkinking the water hose instantly allows normal water flow to the garden again. Water doesn’t have to be added to the hose because the water is just waiting to flow. The garden may look the same for a short time, but the return of growth has become possible again. 

Taking pressure off your nervous system starts the process of healing from the first adjustment. Nothing needs to be added to your body because your inborn intelligence is just waiting to express normal function again. You may not feel better at first, but your body can now begin to heal itself.


Phase Two:

As the hose remains unkinked, water continues to supply the thirsty garden though everything still looks dead and lifeless. The soil is hard, cracked and resistant to absorbing the same water it so easily received when it was green. As water gradually starts to soak back into the soil, the momentum of a constant water supply again makes the soil soft and supple to support roots and life. Once the water seeps deeper through the surface, the seeds and roots can get water for the first time again.

In the first few weeks of chiropractic care, inflammation, spasms and pain begin to reduce but are still present. These are important strategies that your body uses to protect you while proper nerve function returns to your body.  It is still early in the healing process, so they gradually reduce until they are no longer needed. A clear nerve supply allows your entire body to continue to move out of a survival state towards a thriving state. With consistent care, every cell in your body begins to come alive with full function.


Phase Three:

In the garden, the soil has become fertile for new growth. It may be very obvious on the top soil at this point, but lots of good things are happening below the surface. One of the virtues of gardening is patience, and healing is no different! During this phase, little green signs start appearing as the faithful gardener continues to keep the water supply open. The seeds have begun to open under the surface as new life is springing!

It takes several months for your nervous system to begin regenerating because it is one of the slowest healing tissues in your body. If you are new to chiropractic or have never had consistent care, it may be the first opportunity for you to heal at this level. Since most spinal subluxations occur as an infant, almost everyone you know has some form of nervous system degeneration from many years of interference. 


Phase Four:

This phase takes the longest but the garden becomes the greenest. Since the first signs of life came from the ground, the garden is now on the path to full bloom. There is a gardening saying that we can’t make an acorn into an oak tree, but what we can do is supply the resources for the acorn to grow itself.  Once it is given the green light for growth, the seed knows exactly what it needs to do to become a perfect oak tree. 

In your body, this longest phase is about rehabilitating everything in your body to its maximum potential. Depending on the length of time and extent of the damage, it will take several years or longer but it’s worth it! Your innate intelligence is literally rehabilitating your body in a way no other expert can, remolding and remodeling all its tissues to optimal function. Creation of new tissue also occurs during this time as the brain rewires its connections as well. 


Maintenance Gardening:

It is said that we are either growing or we are dying, so anything we care about must be maintained. A robust garden or a healthy body will become weak again if they are not continually supplied with what allowed them to get there.  

When the garden finally reaches its best, this is not the time to let the garden hose kink again. The water supply has to continue to nourish the garden. When you fly over Arizona, you can see the outline of lawns and gardens and it easy to see where someone cares for a plot of land and what happens to the unkept land right next to it. Everything we want to stay green needs a constant supply of water, otherwise it will turn brown again. We have all experienced how quickly a plant starts to wilt when it is removed from its water supply. 

With consistent chiropractic care, you reach your full potential. Just like anything important in your life, regular care is required to keep your body working at its best and to maintain the nerve supply that allowed it to get well in the first place. Nothing can replace the uniqueness of water to a garden and nothing can replace the uniqueness of chiropractic adjustments to allow you to be your best. 

You’ve put the time and effort into your garden and now you can enjoy the harvest of health!

Recovering From Surgery With Chiropractic

Posted: March 5, 2019
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,


“The person who takes medicine must recover twice,

once from the disease and once from the medicine.” -William Osler, MD



            When people have surgery or any major procedure, they also need to recover from the treatment itself. People often assume that once they are discharged from the hospital, they have no other choice than to accept a usual recovery based on the average recommendation for the average person.

            The problem with that is the average person is based on someone who does not receive regular chiropractic care. Additionally, the average recommendation is based on the fact that medical doctors and therapists know very little about Chiropractic. 

            It may be difficult to understand that spinal adjustments will help you heal better from an incision somewhere else in your body. Because Chiropractic allows the entire nervous system to function better, not just the spine, it also means everything else in your body has a chance to function better as well. 

            There are a number of things that must be in place in order for you to heal fully. First, proper alignment is essential because as tissues begin to knit back together after surgery, they will “remember” any distortions of abnormal body structures. Connective tissue will simply form to any deviations present at the moment it is created, adding to the dysfunction.

            This is one reason for the phrase, “healing wrong” or “healing poorly”. Technically there is no such thing, but these are descriptions for when the body is attempting to heal but can’t because of limitations. Once the initial window of healing is gone, it is a harder road back to normal function. There is also an increased chance of unnecessary scar tissue, adding insult to injury.

            Second, an intact immune system is crucial during this time period. Without it, increased swelling, pain and vascular problems are likely. People can even die from something like knee surgery because of complications from otherwise simple infections if the immune system isn’t functioning at its best.

            Third, energy for healing is vitally important. That is why people are so tired when they are sick, much less mending from an injury. The body only has so much energy to produce, so the basic needs of living and stamina are siphoned towards the additional needs of repair and renewal. If your body is working inefficiently, you will have extra weakness that will be blamed on healing instead.

            Chiropractic adjustments remove interference from your nervous system, which is the master controller and coordinator of your whole body. That allows your body to function at its best, increasing function back to normal again. Alignment, efficiency and immunity all improve, letting you heal as fast and as normal as possible. 

            For any concerns you may have about getting adjusted, if you have a difficult time moving, we have numerous ways for you to be in a comfortable position during your care. Even better, we have very gentle techniques available for those in considerable pain and we usually don’t even have to contact any painful areas. As it turns out, the true problem is often not where we hurt.

            As soon as you are able to get in for care, we can help you. It’s time to stop blaming the recovery process and start addressing interference to the recovery. Whether it’s a recent issue or a chronic complication from years ago, we can help you get back on track so you can truly recover from your recovery.

Pain Is A Gift

Posted: February 4, 2019
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,



            There is a girl from Minnesota who can’t feel pain, no matter how hard she tries. Gabby Gingras doesn’t even know what it feels like. She would love to experience pain and her family and friends would want that for her too. Her life has been awfully difficult without it, as well as everyone else around her. 

            When she was born, her parents didn’t have a clue that anything was wrong. If they were looking for symptoms, how could they? Their first indication that anything was off was when Gabby was teething so hard that her fingers bleed and they looked like raw hamburger. Her father said, “she chewed on her tongue like it was bubble gum”.

            Without pain, Gabby scratched one of her corneas so badly that they had to stitch her eyelid closed to try to save it. She then managed to rip the stitches open anyway, resulting in a bad infection that required the eye to be removed. She would eventually get used to wearing safety goggles during the day and swimming goggles at night to protect the one eye she had left.

            As it turned out, Gabby has a rare genetic condition that results in undeveloped sensory nerves. Only about 60 people are known to have the condition world-wide, and the complications from the inability to feel pain shortens their lifespan. It also complicates their entire lives in the meantime.

            As a child, any sharp edges in her house had to be cushioned because Gabby didn’t have the feedback that prevented her from hitting them. She also needs a personal attendant just to monitor and anticipate anything that could result in the kind of injury the rest of us avoid every day.

            Along with other things that people who CAN feel don’t even think about, people with this condition tend to develop bed sores because they don’t naturally turn at night. Their systems don’t recognize the subconscious discomfort we aren’t even aware of when we are sleeping. When asked on the Oprah Winfrey Show if there was anything Gabby’s mother wanted to say about her daughter’s story, she simply said, “Pain is a gift.” And most Chiropractors want to treat it.

            As it turns out, the very thing so many people spend criticizing and treating is the very thing that allows us to relate to ourselves and our environment. Pain effectively slows us down so we can heal and it prevents us from hurting ourselves further.  It is not only one of the five cardinal signs of inflammation, it could be considered a cardinal sign of life.

            Treating pain is like disconnecting an oil light without changing the oil. If the auto mechanic did that, we would probably call the better business bureau. The oil light is there for a reason and the worker at the Ford plant would be fired if they didn’t connect it in the first place. Instead, people who don’t understand the proper relationship to pain will thank the pain therapists on the way out and won’t return until it comes back again to treat the same effects.

            I remind people that they are allowed to feel whatever they want. Pain is essential feedback from their own unique experience. If someone steps on your foot, how should that feel? If it hurts, you will feel worse than someone who has numbness, yet you are actually functioning better than they are. 

            The illusion of the allure of pain relief is that it can be controlled. Big, fancy pain clinics often put ornate facades in their entry way try to instill confidence that people are going to feel better. In reality, they are lying to a good fraction of their client and they don’t even know which ones. 

            A client once presented with numerous complaints. After educating him about what we do and what we don’t do, he decided to begin care. Within a few weeks, he reported that he was feeling much better everywhere except for one particular spot in his midback. When he asked me to “adjust” there, I gently reminded him that chiropractic honors everything the body does.

            Over the next month or so when the pain didn’t change, he decided to see his medical doctor. They discovered that it was referral pain from a kidney stone. The next time he was in, I asked him what would have happened if my goal was to get rid of his pain and I succeeded at it? Would he have been more or less likely to follow up with that other cause in his life? Exactly.

            Pain is normal and natural, based on the specific adaptations required by the body at a specific time. Normal sensation in chiropractic means expression without interference. Welcome the sensation, whatever it is, both as someone laying on an adjusting table and as someone standing over a table.  Pain is there to serve you while it is present and it will remain as long as it is required by the body. 

Pain is truly a gift.

Cold & Flu Season Again?

Posted: September 21, 2018
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,


Sometimes in life, the right things get demonized and the wrong things get the credit. The concept of being sick is a good example. Many people don’t understand what sickness really means because they have a sick perception of being sick! When they have cold or flu related symptoms, they often assume it is bad and then try to treat the sickness out of them, but instead, they end up just running their health down. After all, who likes feeling tired, achy and sniffly? And don’t healthy people feel good? But if we put it into perspective, dead people don’t get any symptoms either! So what gives? 

All these symptoms are coming from an innate intelligence working through our bodies to protect and heal us. Which one of these two functions do you think is bad for us? The answer is neither! A different question might be, why does the amazing intelligence within us need to produce any of these sickness symptoms in the first place?

The cold and the flu go together like immune and system. Without this system, your body could never fight off the things it has every moment you are alive; and not just when you feel symptoms. In addition, the immune system is controlled by the most important system in your body, the nervous system. When there is interference to this supreme system, nothing else in your body can possibly work as well, including your immune system.

Have you ever noticed that some people are never sick, some people are always sick and yet other people are like dominoes, where it seems like germs just knock down the next person in line? If one person is always sick and another person is never sick, does that mean that germs like some people and don’t like others? In truth, germs are around us all the time. We actually have a healthy relationship with them as long as we are functioning properly. Everyone gets the flu. The real question is what are you going to do with the flu?

This also means that why we get sick depends on how strong our immune system is before we even get sick, and therefore how well our nervous system is working too. The difference between a cough and a coffin isn’t the strength of the microbe we are exposed to, but rather how strong our body is to begin with. After all, there is no such thing as a flu season, but there is such a thing as a compromised season. These are really just the various times throughout the year that we are more vulnerable to the exact same microbes we would demonize if we don’t understand how our relationship with the environment really works.

Now, here is where Chiropractic comes in: The cause of your health isn’t outside of you, depending on germs or anything else. It is inside you! You and everyone you know gets regular interference to their nervous system, called a spinal subluxation. It prevents the intelligent messages trying to communicate between your brain and your body through your spine. This means you must have your spine checked just as regularly as these subluxations happen, and only Chiropractors are specially trained to detect and remove spinal subluxations.

If you haven’t noticed it yet, this is also a message of empowerment. Once you realize that you can take control of your health, your entire life changes for the better as well. Instead of being fearful that you don’t get sick or feel lucky when you don’t, or even dreading the symptoms associated with being sick, you can turn your compromise into a promise. And the promise is that as long as your nervous system is working properly, you can be assured that everything else in your body is working as it is designed too, including your immune system. This can only happen with chiropractic care. 

Call today to begin living a life without fear. 952-944-2133

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“Chiropractic Didn’t Work For Me…”

Posted: September 4, 2018
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,


“Chiropractic Didn’t Work For Me…”

It’s important to understand what something is 

before we can understand what to expect from it.

If we try to use a screwdriver to drive in a nail, we run into problems pretty quickly. If we use something that was never designed as a hammer, we will just end up with a dented screwdriver and a bent nail. When we misunderstand something, we can’t help but misuse it as well.If something is misused, it will be used for the wrong thing and not used for the right ones. There is nothing wrong with a perfectly good screwdriver, but it’s just the right tool for the wrong job.

If we only used a cell phone to make phone calls, it wouldn’t be a great use for a great tool but there is so much more! We would be missing out on all the things our cell phone is capable of.When we learn about all the other functions, it becomes surprising how much we were unaware of before but were available to us the entire time. There are numerous articles called, “Ten things your cell phone does that you never knew.”  If an alien didn’t understand anything a cell phone did, they might even brag about what a great doorstop it is! 

           The more we understand something, the more use we can get out of it and for the right reasons. Otherwise, we can’t fully appreciate what is available to us to improve our choices and our lives. Worse yet, we could end up cursing a wonderful tool simply because we are using it the wrong way.

So what do screw drivers and cell phones have to do with Chiropractic? Great question! 

           At first glance, Chiropractic can look like a good treatment for pain and other conditions. This is because our society has trained us to think that everything is a treatment for something. We only think with what we are familiar with, so why would we think any different about Chiropractic? Chiropractic helps most people feel better but if we stop there, we are missing out on so much more!

           If we see a Chiropractor for a particular concern that doesn’t go away, we may feel like chiropractic didn’t work for us. If someone begins working out and they don’t lose the weight they wanted to lose, they could mistakenly think that exercise doesn’t work for them. Just look at all the other benefits of exercise they are completely missing out on if they quit too soon or altogether!

It can take weeks to months or more before symptoms may go away related to Chiropractic care, and sometimes they don’t go away at all because there may be another reason for them. If someone gets in condition with exercise, they may not notice a certain concern such as their blood pressure decreasing because they have a poor diet, but their exercise regime is still always good for them. 

If someone sees a Chiropractor to feel better in a particular way, all their symptoms may not go away, but the adjustments to free their nervous system of interference is always allowing them to function at their best! The unpopular truth is that sometimes other factors cause health problems as well. 

If your nerve channels were free of interference and someone stepped on your toe, how should that feel? If we wanted our toe pain to go away, it could look like Chiropractic can’t help us. If someone stepped on our toe and we didn’t have pain, that is a medical condition called numbness! Sometimes we can feel worse when we are working just as we should.

The goal of chiropractic isn’t to feel better: it’s to be better!

Symptoms can guide us, 

but they should not dictate whether something is working or not.

Can you imagine someone starting to eat healthier because they want to lower their cholesterol level, and if their cholesterol doesn’t decrease, they stopped eating healthy?

           A great thing about Chiropractic is that many symptoms and conditions often go away with consistent care. There is no smoke and mirrors or side effects that are associated with most treatments.

The difference is that when people feel better because they are getting spinal adjustments, it’s because they really are better.

           We are taught that when we feel good, we are ‘fine’. When we don’t ‘feel good’, we go to a medical doctor to get a diagnosis and a treatment. Sound familiar? However, Chiropractic is completely different.

           Once we dig deeper, we find that Chiropractic is something much bigger. If we keep an open-mind and are patient, we can get past our pre-conceived notions and move onto the real and wonderful benefits waiting for us. 

Ask questions and then ask more questions. Keep them coming, because we have answers and they are probably answers you may not have thought about before. These kinds of answers may even change the questions you have.

Chiropractic ALWAYS Works.

            Anyone who thinks Chiropractic doesn’t work for them is simply trying to hire the right worker but for the wrong job. The Innate Intelligence of your body is the absolutely best worker you could possibly hire. It is the master rehabilitator that allows you to heal and return to a highest level of function. The wrong job is patchwork, while the right job is your fully expressed potential. Let chiropractic do the right work for you and watch your life start working right again. 

Chiropractic Adjustment vs Manipulation & Treatment; The Difference is a Matter of LIFE and Death.

Posted: August 6, 2018
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,



Moving a tight joint might feel better in that one area but it will not correct a chiropractic subluxation that will let everythingin your body function better. A manipulation is like loosening up a light switch but not actually turning on the lights. Only a specific chiropractic adjustment returns the power back to the entire room again. Manipulations are only about treating the effects but adjustments are about getting to the true cause. Manipulations make the body move the way the doctor thinks it should, but chiropractic adjustments allow the Innate Intelligence of your body to help you be your best. 



Traction can stretch tender joints and tissues but it cannot address why we aren’t functioning right in the first place. Traction can only take second place to the true cause of dysfunction. If a car isn’t running right, putting it up on blocks won’t make it run any better but it won’t make a noise if it isn’t on the road. Traction demonizes gravity because it doesn’t address the gravity of the problem. We are designed for the road and we are designed for gravity. Removing ourselves from our natural environment can only give us the illusion that we have solved the problem when in fact we have only really postponed the solution. 


Muscle Therapy:

The tone of all your muscles is controlled and coordinated by your nervous system. The only way to have normal muscle tone is to make sure there isn’t interference to this connection in the spine. If a muscle is spasmed, that just means the body is creating a natural splint to protect the area. Kneading your muscles out with massage does not respect their function and won’t make you need chiropractic adjustments any less.  Respect these little red workers holding us up, moving us around and protecting us from harm. Muscles are just our messengers. Please don’t kill the messenger!


X-Rays and Computer Scans Are Not Required to Receive a Proper Chiropractic Adjustment.

Posted: July 30, 2018
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,

Interference Versus Adaptation:


X-Rays films will show misalignments of the spine. What they will not show is a chiropractic subluxation. You cannot see how the nervous system is working on an x-ray but since people relate to seeing things, they are often used inappropriately to tie the wrong things to chiropractic care. Unfortunately, x-rays can be used to scare people into care for the wrong reasons. It's an easy sell because x-rays are psychologically convincing to the person who doesn't know any better that the doctor "has found the problem". They may be valuable for medical reasons, but x-rays are not required to give chiropractic adjustments.

Computer Scans:

Spinal scans can measure certain ways the body might be adapting. Although they may seem impressive and can create certainty with lots of colors and numbers, they are also misleading because they cannot actually measure a chiropractic subluxation. Like the difference between the lights coming on in the dashboard and where the real problem is in the engine, lights may flash any number of places on a spinal scan, but only a chiropractic assessment can determine when, where or how a chiropractic adjustment should be performed.


High shoulders and hips can be a sign that the body is adapting a particular way, but they do not show a chiropractic subluxation. They are usually just compensations to other places where the real interference may be occurring. Posture is too general to decide if someone has specific nerve interference. Trying to use posture in a chiropractic assessment is like looking at a tilted computer to decide how it is computing. The machine could be lifted up on one side higher than the other, but the tilt can't tell us how it is running. The computer expert tests the inside of the computer to make sure it is working correctly.

Allergies and Your Nervous System

Posted: May 24, 2018
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,



If your nose went away, would your allergies go away too? If it’s not the nose that causes allergies, is it what the nose smells or is it something else? And why do different noses react differently to the same thing? Why dont the allergens that people love to demonize, such as pollen, animals, mold and anything else, cause the same reaction in everyone?

As it turns out, the thing that determines how each nose reacts to the outside environment is the ability of the intelligence behind each nose, on the inside environment. The nose knows what it knows because this inborn intelligence that created and controls everything in your entire body also controls your nose. And the intelligence in the body is unique to each person and each nose based on the unique demands of each person. 

Even when your nose is red and swollen from allergies, it’s not about your nose or what your nose smells. Your allergic reaction is always an intelligent response by the living intelligence inside you to protect you and heal you. So much so that if you didn’t have an allergic response whenever it is required, you would die. And since it is impossible for dead people to even get an allergy, there is something pretty special going on inside you and inside every living person. And that should be respected.

Once this perspective is understood, there is respect for this special intelligence in the body and its ability to be communicated from your brain to all the parts of your entire body. This important messaging channel happens mainly through your spine, protected within the bones in your back. When these bones misalign, they interfere with these special messages expressed by the intelligence relayed by your nervous system. This system is especially important when it comes to allergies because it also controls your immune system and any allergic reaction, including what comes through your nose.

When someone develops an allergic reaction to something that another person doesn’t, it is often because there is interference to the nervous system in the person working harder requiring the reaction. When someone’s immune system is working well enough, they are able to process potential allergens without expressing symptoms. The result? No allergy. But if someone has a bone misaligned in their spine interfering with their nervous system, this decreases the function of their immune system, ultimately decreasing their ability to fight off allergens appropriately. The result? Allergy symptoms. Without ever treating a single allergy, most allergies improve or go away completely when spinal misalignments are analyzed and adjusted back to normal again, regaining proper communication in the nervous system, improving immune system function, making sure the allergic response by your body is normal.

Only chiropractors are trained to specifically find and address the interference that can cause or complicate your allergies. And since this interference is common, and often people with allergies don’t have back or neck pain to prompt them to get their spine checked for misalignments, it is important for everyone to see a chiropractor so they can make sure they’re body is working right and that their nose knows best. 

Get to a cause of allergies. Get to a chiropractor.