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Life Is A Pain In The Neck!

The truth is, life is passing through your neck. There are about 450 million nerve fibers that make up the brain stem, which connects your brain to your body, and they communicate all the information from your brain to your body, and back again. This makes the bones (vertebrae) that surround the neck that much more important. Normally, they protect all the delicate structures within it, but when they misalign those same bones can put pressure on the nerves and interfere with the information they are transmitting. Since only a small fraction of those nerves supply the neck itself, all the rest of their concerns is all the rest of you! This includes everything from your nose to your toes, and back again. So you can see how neck pain can be just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding what is wrong and how the entire body is affected.

When Superman (Christopher Reeves) broke his neck, his lungs, legs and other areas outside his neck stopped working. One little nick in the upper part of his neck shut almost his entire body down immediately, and eventually shut it down completely. That’s how important this area really is. Spinal subluxations in the neck may cause neck pain, but they always cause your body to lose proper communication with your brain. So they may not be as traumatic as with Christopher Reeve, but it is still death just the same. Subluxations in the neck result in less life throughout your entire body, just in a slower and less obvious way.

By far the most commonly subluxated area of the spine is the neck. The top bone of the neck is called the atlas vertebra because when the Greeks named the parts of the body, they saw this bone as holding up your world, namely your head! And between the first few bones of your neck, it has been estimated that there are about 274 possible ways for this area to subluxate. Wow! So not only does your chiropractor need to be able to identify when you are subluxated, they need to know exactly how you are subluxated. Very specific analysis is required to assess this area. The neck is like a light switch to a room. The entire room is affected by the light switch, and the light switch is usually next to the door, and the room is your body. Chiropractic adjustments turn on the lights to your life.

Don’t be fooled by neck pain. By the time your neck hurts, you have had nerve interference for a long time. And just like chest pain is a poor indicator of when and how a heart condition happens, neck pain is a poor indicator of when you need to get adjusted. Cardiologists have an objective way to assess your heart, regardless of any heart related symptoms, and specific chiropractors have a way to know when and how you have subluxations, neck pain or not. Take the guesswork out and get checked today to know for sure what exactly is going on between you and your body.