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Uncomfortably Numb; The Growing Opioid Addiction

Posted: February 19, 2018
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,


Humanity, we have a problem. We were sold the idea that pain relief was health itself, instead of just being related to health. We were sold the idea that treating our pain and numbing up our lives was what we needed for a better life. We were sold “better health though chemistry” and chemicals for every ache and pain and condition. We were sold the idea that treating the effects of our problems would get to the cause of our problems. We were sold a lie, and it’s a big one.

There are no free lunches and there is no short cut to health. We can’t continue to put poisons in our bodies and expect our bodies to be better off. We are now paying the price for that lie with a nation-wide epidemic of addiction and even worse health because of it. Not only are individuals suffering more than ever, their families and friends are suffering as well. Opioid addictions have taken over the country, but there is hope. And it’s a big one.

Chiropractic gives people an opportunity to find a way out of their living hell by removing interference to the nervous system and restoring proper communication to the innate intelligence of the body and the source of all life.

There are three main ways this occurs:

1) Chiropractic helps people recover from addictions. This is possible because Chiropractic adjustments break up patterns in the brain and body that keep people in the same state of mind and the same habits that support addiction. Spinal adjustments help break people out of the addiction prison keeping them locked away from recovery. Research shows that adjustments help people stay free from addictive chemicals, prescribed or otherwise, when going through the twelve-step program compared with those not receiving chiropractic adjustments.

2) Chiropractic give people so much relief from pain that it often looks like a treatment for pain. Much like exercise looks like a treatment for weight loss, while the person is just getting in shape again, there is no exercise to lose weight. Exercise just allows people to lose weight if there is weight to lose while they are just moving better. Chiropractic adjustments simply return people to as higher level of function, decreasing the stress on their body and reducing pain in the process.

3) Chiropractic ultimately restores normal function to the body which allows the body to return to a better, healthy state, getting to the true cause of pain. Since pain is not the problem itself but rather a secondary condition to the problem, chiropractic gets to the causes of the cause. Instead of disconnecting the oil light, chiropractic changes the oil. So not only does the indicator of the problem go away, the problem itself has been addressed and your car and your body are healthier because of it.

The last thing Chiropractic does is the first thing everyone should do. It allows you and your friends and family to stay at your best before you even get to a place that requires you to take dangerous chemicals and pain relievers. It helps prevent the pitfalls that can happen when you aren’t working at your best and allows you to recover quickly and without complications.

Now you see that Chiropractic gives people a way out of the trap of pain and addiction that is gripping millions of people and lets them avoid these problems altogether. It’s time, it’s been time, but it’s not too late. Call us today (952.944.2133)  to help yourself and the ones you love. Get checked for spinal nerve interference to make sure you are working exactly the way you should before you get in a place that makes you uncomfortably numb.

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