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Monthly Mayhem

Posted: March 31, 2016
By: Vicki Fox

Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord DC, DPhCS

Ever heard the song about how the foot bone is connected to the hipbone and the hipbone is connected to the backbone? Well, the same thing is true for all the nerves in your body, and everything in your nervous system is connected through the spine in your back. That also means that every organ that hangs from the nerves off your spine like puppeteer strings are completely dependent on a properly functioning spine.  Every organ must communicate with the rest of your body, especially your brain.  When bones in your spine misalign, important messages from your brain cannot properly get back and forth, to and from the rest of your body.

The uterus is one of those organs. If we get back to the body song, we can even say that female organs are connected to the neck! Since most of the misalignments that happen in the spine occur in the brain stem area of the upper neck, we also know that many issues that happen with the uterus are really neck problems!

What kind of female problems? How about those monthly issues that last way too long before the next one, or never seem to go away at all? How about more intense symptoms when they do happen? How about having to rearrange your entire schedule be a slave to these issues? How about thinking any of these issues are normal, just because you’ve always had them!

How about difficulties with pregnancy or even getting pregnant at all? How about abnormal positions of the baby? Or how about complications with cysts, fibroids or other uterine issues that threaten a hysterectomy?

Just because hysterectomies are common doesn’t make them normal. And contrary to popular belief, you need your uterus for more than having babies. If it didn’t belong there, it wouldn’t be there because there are no extra parts in the body. So even after someone has their babies or if they don’t have them at all, that important organ is involved with lots of other functions for proper health, especially hormone balance. Does that one sound familiar?

It is common to have spinal misalignments, especially in the neck, that cause or complicate the direct function of the uterus and your hormone system. Chiropractic adjustments have actually been shown to change and improve blood chemistry, including hormone balance. The body is an amazing creation that if given the chance to function without the interference that chiropractors are specifically trained to find and correct, it is possible to recover from many uterine conditions that may not have seemed possible before this connection is truly understood.

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