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3 Timeless Myths

Posted: May 8, 2017
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,


Some myths are almost as timeless as the truth.  A truth that is often misunderstood is the chiropractic principle that all processes require time.  This isn’t a new concept to any health care profession, but it is a reminder that time is involved with everything we do. There are several popular but timeless myths that are wrong no matter how appealing they are.  Many people watch late night infomercials and intuitively know the claims can’t be true but order the questionable products anyway.  In order to truly understand our health, we need to understanding of how time relates to it so we are not misled.

The first myth is that time is instantaneous.  There is no such thing as instantaneous healing because it takes time to get sick and it takes time to get well.  However, when interference is removed with a spinal adjustment, your body is just waiting for the opportunity to function better.  Healing can feel instantaneous because the intelligence within you is perfect but the matter it moves through in your body is not. For example, your body can send a nerve signal from your toes to your nose in about 1/50 of a second.  To put that in perspective, this is faster than movie images shown in 1/24 of a second to give the illusion of motion.  When we no longer have illusions about time, we can have a better idea and therefore make better decisions about our health.  Even with modern day technology moving at the speed of light, healing your body takes time.

The second myth is that time can be speeded up.  While we may not buy this fallacy in other aspects of our lives, many tend to believe it when it comes to our health.  We see lots of things suggesting that the problem is “slow healing” and that treatments could speed that up somehow.  The truth is, there is only healing or not and it can’t be hurried.  This means you are either healing without interference to the intelligence that does all your healing or you aren’t healing as you should be.  You can look at spinal interference affecting your healing like having your foot on the gas and the brake of your car at the same time.  Adjusting your spine takes your foot off the brake and when your car takes off again, it can look like we sped your car up, but only the innate intelligence that runs your body is in charge of your gas pedal. Healing happens at the right speed.

The third myth is that time can be reversed or stopped.  The anti-aging ads are everywhere, but we all know this just isn’t possible.  All the treatments in the world will not make your body go backwards in time or stop it somehow from moving forward.  The truth is, we need to learn how our body really works so we can move forward the way we are designed to be.  When we go from interference to realizing the full expression of our true potential, it can seem like we are younger because we are just working that much better.  It is said that history repeats lessons that are not learned, so take this opportunity to stop living a lesser version of your self.  Get your spine checked today so you can move forward the right way tomorrow and make your health issues history.

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