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Back To School, Back To You

Posted: August 25, 2015
By: Vicki Fox

Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord DC, DPhCS

Do you feel like you and your children are backed against a wall? Are you dreading another school year because of health or learning issues? Not looking forward to the calls from the school nurse, the teachers, or even the principal? Are all the sick days making you sick? Wondering how you are going to get through the homework? Once again this year, many children will get on their buses armed with books, but they will not be armed with the one thing they need the most for their health, learning, and overall well being: a fully functioning nervous system that controls their entire lives. 

That’s because every single thing we do in our lives, including concentration and learning, is all done through our nervous system. This vital system begins developing within seven hours of conception and is made up of our brain and all the nerves that connect with the rest of our body through our spine. Spinal subluxations are bones that misalign in our spine, interfering with communication from the body to the brain, and even within the brain itself!
These spinal subluxations interfere with signals going to and from our brain, causing our whole body to work abnormally. And since over half the entire feedback to the brain is coming from the spine. That's an awful lot of abnormal feedback! Everything bounces off your brain before it goes anywhere else in your body. If you stub your toe, that pain signal needs to reach your brain through your spine before it goes to the muscles of your mouth that eventually yell, “Ouch!”
When you were growing up, did your mom ever tell you that you must have holes in your head? I can tell you that my brothers and I heard that more than once. As usual, mom was right. We all have holes in our heads. They are portals for all our senses that go to and from our brain with the outside world. For example, we have holes for our ears, eyes, nose and mouth, but we can’t even appreciate the biggest hole in our head. It is the connection between the brain and the rest of our body at the base of our head and its official name is the Foramen Magnum, which just means “big hole.” 
Spinal subluxation cause abnormal function of our brains through this big hole in our heads when abnormal signals bounce off our brains just like everything else. When our children sit in their classrooms, every bit of information and interaction required for their brains to process is completely dependent on its ability to work without interference. All that new information they will be required to learn must quickly enter through the smaller holes around the sides of their brains without interference from spinal subluxations through the biggest hole we can’t even see at the bottom of their brains. Otherwise, when all these outside signals bounce off their brains, your children might sit sadly in their classroom chair thinking things like:
“I don’t get it!”
“I don’t like math!”
“I don’t like learning!”
“I don’t like my teacher!”
“I don’t feel good!”
“I’m tired!” 
“I don’t like school”
“I want to go home!”
Sound familiar?
Everyone gets spinal subluxations. Therefore everyone has abnormal brain function if they don’t have this interference specifically checked and removed by a chiropractor on a regular basis. That means anyone not seeing a chiropractor has less energy, less concentration, less ability to learn and less motivation for life! Let that sink in for a moment. It is simply impossible for our children to be their best and grow and learn as they should with spinal subluxations. And its impossible for a subluxated parent to properly cope with subluxated children, and visa versa. So before you and your children get back to school, get your brains back to normal by getting your spine back to normal with chiropractic adjustments

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