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Posted: November 27, 2017
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,


Cold and Flu Season HelpSometimes in life, the right things get demonized and the wrong things get the credit. The concept of being sick is a good example. Many people don’t understand what sickness really means because they have a sick perception of being sick! When they have cold or flu related symptoms, they often assume it is bad and then try to treat the sickness out of them, but instead end up just running their health down. After all, who likes feeling tired, achy and sniffly? And don’t healthy people feel good? But if we put it into perspective, dead people don’t get any symptoms either! So what gives? Well, all these symptoms are coming from an innate intelligence working through our bodies to protect and heal us. Which one of these two functions do you think is bad for us? The answer is neither! A different question might be, why does the amazing intelligence within us need to produce any of these sickness symptoms in the first place?

The cold and the flu go together like immune and system. Without this system, your body could never fight off the things it has every moment you are alive, and not just when you feel symptoms. In addition, the immune system is controlled by the most important system in your body, the nervous system. When there is interference to this supreme system, nothing else in your body can possibly work as well, including your immune system.

Have you ever noticed that some people are never sick, some people are always sick and yet other people are like dominoes, where it seems like germs just knock down the next person in line? If one person is always sick and another person is never sick, does that mean that germs like some people and don’t like others? In truth, germs are around us all the time. We actually have a healthy relationship with them as long as we are functioning properly. Everyone gets the flu. The real question is what are you going to do with the flu?

This also means that why we get sick depends on how strong our immune system is before we even get sick, and therefore how well our nervous system is working, too. So the difference between a cough and a coffin isn’t the strength of the microbe we are exposed to, but rather how strong our body is to begin with. After all, there is no such thing as a flu season, but there is such a thing as a compromised season. These are really just the various times throughout the year that we are more vulnerable to the exact same microbes we would demonize if we don’t understand how our relationship with the environment really works.

Now, here is where chiropractic comes in: The cause of your health isn’t outside of you, depending on germs or anything else, it is inside you! You and everyone you know gets regular interference to their nervous system, called a spinal subluxation. It prevents the intelligent messages trying to communicate between your brain and your body through your spine. This means you must have your spine checked just as regularly as these subluxations happen, and only Chiropractors are specially trained to detect and remove spinal subluxations.

If you haven’t noticed it yet, this is also a message of empowerment. Once you realize that you can now take control of your health, your entire life changes for the better as well. Instead of being fearful that you don’t get sick or feel lucky when you don’t, or even dreading the symptoms associated with being sick, you can turn your compromise into a promise. And the promise is that as long as your nervous system is working properly, you can be assured that everything else in your body is working as it is designed too, including your immune system. This can only happen with chiropractic care. Call today to begin living a life without fear.

Do Your Blood Pressure Issues Make Your Blood Boil?

Posted: November 20, 2017
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,


Getting frustrated by your blood pressure issues? Many people are told they have high blood pressure. Some are told that they have low blood pressure. Either way, the concern immediately goes to just trying to treat the effects of the blood pressure, often times with no success. Although this may sound logical on a certain level, there are a number of assumptions associated with it once we get a better understanding of what blood pressure really is. What’s worse, they are usually unaware of a common, significant cause: spinal subluxations.

Have you ever wondered what makes blood pressure “high” or “low?” We all have an innate intelligence working within us from conception and it knows exactly what the pressure should be for every moment of any of the demands required of our living body. The cardiac system alone cannot determine this because everything, including the heart, gets its marching orders from the supreme system that controls and coordinates everything in the body: the nervous system.

This vital system is monitoring the demands on the body and responds perfectly when there is no interference. If there is a spinal subluxation interfering with the nerves that detect stress, and also with the nerves allowing it to adapt accordingly, that same intelligence cannot communicate its needs as it should. When there is no interference, if blood pressure is higher or lower than common, the body is doing exactly what it must to survive. If it didn’t, you would die.

How can blood pressure be higher or lower than normal and still be right? Imagine yourself exercising. If you were to measure your blood pressure, it would be much higher than when you are at rest. That is because your demands are much higher with exercise. If your pressure didn’t increase, you would pass out. What determines whether the body is doing something appropriate or not? Again, it is your body’s ability to adapt through your nervous system, and specifically through clear nerve channels in the spine that connect your brain to everything else in your body. Many people are walking around with backs and necks that feel great, yet they have spinal subluxations interfering with the brain's ability to communicate with the cardiovascular system, which often results in high blood pressure, or even low blood pressure, depending on the person.

Some fascinating research has shown that people with blood pressure issues had their numbers improve as if they were taking several blood pressure medications, in a span of just one month of spinal adjustments. Now, chiropractic doesn’t treat blood pressure, but isn’t this an important fact to know? How many people do you know, including yourself, who might have tried everything to treat their blood pressure, but nothing seems to help? Many of them might simply have spinal subluxations complicating their condition. There is no such thing as a “blood pressure adjustment” but what there is for everyone is a specific chiropractic assessment for everyone to know if and when they have this interference.

Get checked today and make sure your blood pressure is exactly what it should be. 

Scared Of Care

Posted: November 13, 2017
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,



               There are many reasons why people seek Chiropractic. Some are curious, some are excited, some are determined and some are just plain exhausted.  Regardless of the motivations to begin care, there are also many people who stay home and are not receiving the care they so desperately need.  They are uncertain because chiropractic seems so different and even scary compared to what they already know or do.  

            Sometimes people don’t do things because they think they won’t like it or they have actually experienced something they don’t like. Much of the time they have heard things second hand from someone else that may not even be true or they have had a bad experience that was simply unnecessary.

            There are different ways to remove nerve interference with different chiropractic techniques much like there are different ways to get in shape through different forms of working out. Whether it is weight lifting, running, swimming or a specific sporting activity, there is a way for everyone to become fit. There are chiropractic adjustments that are manual and more traditional and there are also other techniques that use such low force, they can barely be felt at the point of contact.

            Spinal adjustments can be done on pregnant women, infants, elderly and the injured. They can be done on people who are missing limbs or organs, those who have had surgery and those who can’t even lay down.  There is virtually no reason for someone not to receive chiropractic care unless they are having an immediate emergency crisis, and then they are able to start care as soon as they are stable again.  

            One concern by those in pain is if the adjustment is going to hurt.  The great news is that the adjusting contact point is rarely the same area where the pain is and even if it was, very low force adjustments can be done virtually anywhere without discomfort of any kind.  

            Other concerns may be compromising positions or having invasive exams. For whatever experiences you may have had in medicine and therapy, your experience at Creation Chiropractic doesn’t involve any of these concerns, even if you have had a negative experience at another office.  Our goal is to deliver the most specific and scientific chiropractic adjustments, allowing your body to function at its highest level while having you be as comfortable as possible.  We promise to give you a different and better experience than any you have had before.  Anyone can benefit and truly be at ease at Creation Chiropractic. Call us today and find out what you’ve been missing. 

Autoimmune Disease Diagnosis - Now What?

Posted: November 6, 2017
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,

It’s time to bring some order to disorder.  There is no such thing as an “autoimmune disease”, but there IS a common misunderstanding about the intelligent order of the body. 

A central principle of Chiropractic states:

“The forces of Innate Intelligence never injure or destroy the structures in which they work.”

This means that the intelligence that created and maintains your body is always working for your best interest.  

Always.  No exceptions.

Even when we don’t understand it or appreciate it, every thing the body does is the best strategy for the situation.  Everything we might observe as disorder, such as the immune system appearing to fight the body or the body appearing to fight itself, is really just the body fighting for us on the battlefield that IS us.  And without these immune system soldiers, we would lose the war of life sooner than we could ever blame them.

Without this vital defense, we would be in worse shape or even dead if that battle wasn’t being waged and at the right time and right way.  Without inflammation, the main way the immune system protects and heals us, we would be dead. But because this process is usually associated with illness, inflammation gets the blame for the illness instead of the credit for responding to it.  If we only see soldiers with war, we could wrongly conclude that soldiers caused the war instead of the reason why the soldiers are called onto the battlefield to fight for us in the first place.

There is only one catch to ensure you have an optimally functioning immune system, ensure there is no interference to your nervous system, the master controller of your entire body.  When there is interference to this master system, nothing in your body functions as well, including your immune system and the proper function of inflammation.

Spinal subluxations prevent your brain from communicating properly with the rest of your body and ultimately mean that a problem in your back will keep your immune system from moving forward in protecting you the way it should.

Studies have shown that subluxations will significantly affect your white blood cell count, a good meter stick of how your immune system is working.  Conversely, when subluxations are specifically analyzed and adjusted by your Chiropractor, communication is improved and your immune system begins to respond normally again.

What often looks like your body fighting itself is really just your compromised immune system fighting the best it can with one hand tied behind your back, because that is exactly where the real problem is.  So get your spine checked today for vertebral subluxations to allow your immune system to protect you once again from disorder to order, through your immune system and your nervous system, from the Innate Intelligence that animates all life, including yours.