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Three Things Chiropractic Doesn't Do

Posted: March 2, 2017
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,


1) Chiropractic Doesn't Judge You: 

A diagnosis judges how your body should be by comparing it to an average body that belongs to nobody, and definitely not your body. Medical statistics show that their initial diagnosis matches their final diagnosis (often with a toe tag) less than 20% of the time! Now, this isn’t meant to put down medicine but it is meant to put it into perspective. They are attempting to take on the daunting task of guessing about your incredibly complex body. Any other profession would have the same dilemma trying to do the same thing. The truth is only the intelligence that created you and maintains you knows exactly how you should be at all times. So when it comes to any of your body functions, chiropractic recognizes that everything your body does is important and essential.  It may not be fully understood or appreciated but without every single body function, you would die or would be in a worse place without it, no matter what the diagnosis. The chiropractor simply looks for interference between your vital intelligence and the body it created to make sure it is able to perform exactly how it should. 

Chiropractic accepts you just as you are.


2) Chiropractic Doesn't Manipulate You:

Once your body functions have been judged with a diagnosis, the next logical thing to do is to try to manipulate, control or stop it.  And even if a therapy helps someone feel better, the cause is still just dangling there waiting to be addressed.  If we define the problem as the oil light in the car, the best thing that can happen is a dark dashboard that still needs an oil change.  Therapies treat the dashboard.  What we need to do before we can change the oil is change our thinking.  Every action has a thought process behind it so it is important to understand who we are and redefine problems in a new light. It is said that you can’t make an apple seed into an apple.  You can only provide the resources to allow that seed to become its potential if it is just given the opportunity and the time required.  In other words, you can’t speed healing.  You can only remove interference from the process of healing.  It is also said that you can’t get oranges from an apple seed. To make the body do anything other than it was designed to do is to take away from its inherent abilities.  So to try to make the body do something it wouldn’t naturally do on its own is to make something other than a healthier you and a true expression of your life. 

Chiropractic lets you be yourself.


3) Chiropractic Doesn't Guess About You:

Prognosis is a fancy medical word for predict.  It tries to guess what is going to happen to you in the future and usually takes the form of a treatment plan.  It guesses how often you should be manipulated chemically, physically or otherwise. The problem is, it is often wrong because an educated guess is still just a guess. Treatment plans are based on averages and are never created for your specific needs.  Chiropractic takes a different approach. Any other attempts are guesswork, no matter how well intended or required on a certain level of crisis care, but we don’t guess about your life. We will specifically check your nervous system for interference on a frequency that is determined by your body’s demands without having to guess, all in your time and way. With chiropractic, your body is always in charge of every aspect of your care because your body has its own care plan based off its own needs. Your chiropractor just listens to your body and follows its requests. We simply allow your body to fully express itself again, giving you back your potential to be your best.

Chiropractic follows your lead.

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