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Top 10 Chiropractic Stoppers

Posted: March 20, 2017
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,


People can come up with any number of reasons why they won't see a Chiropractor. Here are the top 10. 

Don't let one of these reasons stop you from living your best LIFE!


1)      “It didn’t work for me”

         -We offer truly unique care

         -We give free second opinions


2)      “I want to use my insurance”

         -Insurance only pays for crisis care

        -Membership is the most cost effective


3)       “MD said it won’t help me”

         -Md’s know medicine, not chiropractic

         -Several people in the room are examples


4)       “Adjustments make me nervous”

         -The sound is just air coming out of the joint

         -We have several low and no force techniques


5)       “It’s not close enough for me”

         -We give a free assessment for referrals

         -Your answers are wherever they are found


6)       “I can’t lay down or move very well”

         -We can adjust face down, face up or seated

         -The pregnant and in pain use a special table


7)       “I don’t want anyone to touch my pain”

         -The problem usually isn’t where the pain is

         -The whip analogy of the fray and the handle


8)       “I don’t like changing my clothes”

         -You never have to change or wear a gown

         -Exams and adjustments are quick and easy


9)      “I don’t have time for it”

         -No appointments after the first visit

         -Easy access off the 494 bend and the EP mall


10)    “I want to get to the cause of my problem”

         -Therapy works with the effects

         -Chiropractic works with the cause

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