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Harvesting Health

Posted: November 13, 2015
By: Vicki Fox

Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord DC, DPhCS

Where do the apples in the apple orchard come from? Apple seeds? And if the seeds come from apple trees, where do the trees that produce the seeds come from? The ground? The sky? The air? If we are being truly honest, we have to acknowledge that there is an intelligence that produces the life within all matter, whether it is a plant, mineral, or us. 

 All of the cells in your body, like the apples on an apple tree, were created from just two cells with the specific intention of functioning in a certain way, in an exact location, for a special purpose. You are really special, but if your body is the produce, who is the producer? Chiropractors refer to the source of your life expression as Innate Intelligence, which simply means that an inborn intelligence makes all life and guides it while it exists.
Would you ever expect to get turnips from an apple tree? Of course not! But we CAN expect unhealthy apples from an unhealthy apple tree. If we want healthy apples, we have to take care of the apple tree. We all know that water, sun, and good soil are important, but what if something was putting pressure on the trunk of that tree? All of the other care of the tree would not be appreciated. The tree trunk affects every part of the tree, from the roots to the branches to the fruit it bears. The trunk of the tree is vital to every single apple hanging on the apple tree.
How about the cells that make up your body? Where do they come from? Have you ever wondered where is the trunk of YOU? Well, the nervous system in your body is made up of your brain, the spine in your back, and all the nerves connecting all the cells of your body. Your spine is the vital link between your brain and the rest of your body, so it’s the trunk of your tree. You must take care of your spine if you want your tree to be healthy.
Now, if you had pressure on your spine, what kind of produce would you expect from your body? Exactly. Well, there is a common interference that happens in everyone called spinal subluxation. This means that bones in our spines, especially in the upper neck area, misalign and put pressure on the delicate nerves that connect our brains to our big toes. If this interference is not removed on a regular basis, our bodies will not grow and function as the intelligence that made us, intended for us. 
Chiropractors are uniquely trained to find and remove this specific interference in you. No matter how well you eat, or sleep or exercise, none of these things will remove this interference. Get everyone you know checked by a chiropractor, so you can begin to harvest this childhood saying for you and your family:
“Here is an apple, up in a tree. Open it up, and what do you see? Little brown seeds that will grow to be, a strong and beautiful apple tree.”

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