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A New “Yule”

Posted: December 29, 2015
By: Vicki Fox

Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord DC, DPhCS

The phrase “yule” is derived from the old Norse word for “wheel,” and “yule tide” refers to the moment when the cycle of the year is at its low point, ready to rise again. It’s a time for renewal, restoration and re-creation. In fact, our namesake at Creation Chiropractic comes directly from this concept. Some assume there is a religious connotation, but it’s actually just a simple reference to the cause and effect relationship of life; the creation of life from two cells and one Creator, matter from the immaterial, life from seemingly nothing.  

But it’s that “nothing” that is everything. When it comes to your life, what matters is if it can come to you in the first place. In order for life to be expressed, there can’t be any interference between the intelligence that made you and youInnate intelligence is specifically communicated throughout your entire body via your nervous system. This system connects your brain to your big toe, and everything in between. When the bones in your back misalign, they interfere with the intentions of the Creator that made you from two cells and creation can only happen when there is no interference to the cause of life. Spinal subluxations always cause your life to be less than what it should be and could be and since your nervous system controls and coordinates everything in your body, it also controls and coordinates your body’s ability to adapt to your outside world as well. So all your experiences, hopes, dreams and every single one of your New Year’s resolutions depend on your ability to relate to the new year through your nervous system. It’s a must for every resolution.

Maybe spinal subluxations have been tapping away at your energy, aspirations and expectations for so long, you don’t have goals for the New Year. Maybe they are just so low that you aren’t excited about the future at all.  Or maybe you haven’t even thought about what is possible when your life is at full expression.

Sometimes, life isn’t that bad but it isn’t that good either. But how would you know? If we get used to something long enough, we could just assume that that is the way it’s supposed to be. And most people can get used to a dimly lit room.

Everyone gets spinal subluxations, whether we have any symptoms or not. If you are lucky, you will have feedback from your body telling you to do something. Anything. But most people have no idea that they need to have their spines checked for subluxations because there aren’t any obvious indication to do otherwise. Most people think they are healthy until they are not. After all, most hospital beds are full of people who felt fine yesterday. It doesn’t have to be that way.

So here we are, at the beginning of another year of our lives. Another yule tide, another you tide, a chance for re-creation of the spirit that celebrates inside you, if it is just given that chance. A new YULE! We can either improve ourselves by making sure we are expressing life at our best or we can let our lives fall away into another year of mediocrity of a lesser life with interference. Make sure that your first resolution is to a visit a chiropractor so you can remove the interference to the rest of your New Year’s resolutions. Your future depends on it.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

Posted: December 9, 2015
By: Vicki Fox

Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord DC, DPhCS

It’s that time of year again: the Holidays. There are many seasons throughout the calendar year. Related to health, there are also allergy seasons and let’s not forget, the dreaded cold and flu season. The truth is, there are no such things. These are just names given to specific times of the year when many people have similar reactions. In reality, allergies and colds and the flu have more to do with the person than any place or thing. People love to blame the trees, the pollen or even the wind, but allergies aren’t about any of these things. Likewise, the problem also isn’t about any particular cold or flu bug. It’s about the person with the allergy, the cold, or the flu.

Here is a short course in microbiology, which is the study of the germs and microbes and their relationship to a society that has feared them for far too long. You see, everyone is exposed to practically everything, whether we know it or not or feel symptoms related to it or not. Who we are when we are exposed to anything in our environment ultimately determines how our body will handle it. 

The famous chemist, Louis Pasteur, was one of the founders of the popular germ theory. However, on his deathbed he admitted to his colleagues, “It is the soil, not the seed.” The seed is the germ that is often demonized for causing illnesses such as allergies, colds, the flu, or worse. The soil is your body, the terrain that seeds grow in if your body is comprised. So really, what we have at various times of the year are compromised seasons. It all depends on how we are, not the time of year or even the environment. Why do some people react to pollen and others don’t?Why does the flu bug seem to affect some people but not others? Do germs like some people but not others? Of course not! It depends on how we take care of ourselves and in particular, how our immune system is functioning. 

DD Palmer, the founder chiropractic, said this:

One question was always uppermost in my mind in my search for the cause of disease. I desired to know why one person was ailing and his associate, eating at the same table working in the same shop, at the same bench, was not.


What difference was there in the two persons that caused one to have pneumonia, catarrh, typhoid or rheumatism, while his partner, similarly situated, escaped?


This question had worried thousands for centuries and was answered in September 1895.

Your nervous system controls everything in your body, including your immune system. When you have interference in this system, nothing in you works as well. With chiropractic adjustments, the intelligence running your body is expressed again fully, allowing your immune system to also work optimally. There have been studies done to show that there is about a 60% increase in immune system function with chiropractic adjustments. Wow! What is really misleading is that your back may even feel great, but your immune system could be dramatically compromised, setting you up for the next set of symptoms at the next comprised season. 

So stop blaming the latest pollen count or the bug that seems to go around preying on people like some kind of monster. The only thing you really have to fear is a misunderstanding of the basic concepts about how your body really works and is designed to protect you if we simply recognize our relationship with the things around us. Schedule an appointment with a chiropractor today to find the interference that is preventing you from being your best. Start fighting off the things that have gotten you down so you can live a life again with the function that is your birth right instead of a life with dysfunction and fear. Chiropractic will truly help you make it the most wonderful time of the year.