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Asthma Sucks

Posted: April 17, 2017
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,


I’ve never had asthma but I have had the wind knocked out of me, and it sucked.  People with asthma say breathing feels like sucking air through a straw and that must really suck, especially since asthma is constant instead of just a minute or so after getting hit the wrong way.  

Would it surprise you to know that asthma isn’t even a breathing problem?  Of course the lungs are involved and breathing is definitely a problem but if we look a little closer we find that the lungs, like every organ in the body, is controlled by the brain through the nervous system.

There are three main ways for someone to develop asthma symptoms.  The most obvious way is for the nerves coming from the spine to be interfered with, causing the muscles around the bronchial tubes to spasm, decreasing the airway.  When spinal subluxations are corrected, the muscles in the lungs relax again and the airway increases to normal.

The second way is for a compromised immune system to allow irritants that would normally have a minor affect cause the lung tissues to inflame and swell, decreasing the breathing airway.  Since the nervous system controls the immune system, when spinal subluxations are corrected, the immune system improves its function, including its reaction to potential irritants that make their way to the lungs.  Swelling decreases, breathing improves.

In the third way, the diaphragm is involved.  This muscle underneath the lungs normally pulls air into the body but if there is interference to it from the nerves in the spine, there will be breathing issues from yet another direction.  When spinal subluxations are corrected, the diaphragm contracts better and breathing is better.

You can see now that the spine is central to the problem and also the key to the solution.  Without touching the lungs, removing interference in the spine allows the lungs to function better in several important ways. Even more interesting is the misleading presentation of asthma and breathing related illnesses:  The spine often feels just fine.

Even though there isn’t an adjustment for breathing better, there is a direct connection to the nerves that let you breath better.  Everyone is different and everyone has different reasons for their breathing conditions.  However, one of the most commonly reported experiences with Chiropractic is breathing better and studies have shown that over half of all asthmatics report improvement in their asthma symptoms, and that is definitely worth checking out.

The only way to know for sure how your breathing nerves are doing is do have your spine checked for interference by a Chiropractor.

Life comes from the Innate Intelligence that created and maintains your lungs, so make sure your lung nerves can give you the breath of life from the source of life.   Stop sucking life through a straw and start living again.  If you are short of breath, you are short of life.  There is another way.  There is hope.

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