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Chiropractic Adjustment vs Manipulation & Treatment; The Difference is a Matter of LIFE and Death.

Posted: August 6, 2018
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,



Moving a tight joint might feel better in that one area but it will not correct a chiropractic subluxation that will let everythingin your body function better. A manipulation is like loosening up a light switch but not actually turning on the lights. Only a specific chiropractic adjustment returns the power back to the entire room again. Manipulations are only about treating the effects but adjustments are about getting to the true cause. Manipulations make the body move the way the doctor thinks it should, but chiropractic adjustments allow the Innate Intelligence of your body to help you be your best. 



Traction can stretch tender joints and tissues but it cannot address why we aren’t functioning right in the first place. Traction can only take second place to the true cause of dysfunction. If a car isn’t running right, putting it up on blocks won’t make it run any better but it won’t make a noise if it isn’t on the road. Traction demonizes gravity because it doesn’t address the gravity of the problem. We are designed for the road and we are designed for gravity. Removing ourselves from our natural environment can only give us the illusion that we have solved the problem when in fact we have only really postponed the solution. 


Muscle Therapy:

The tone of all your muscles is controlled and coordinated by your nervous system. The only way to have normal muscle tone is to make sure there isn’t interference to this connection in the spine. If a muscle is spasmed, that just means the body is creating a natural splint to protect the area. Kneading your muscles out with massage does not respect their function and won’t make you need chiropractic adjustments any less.  Respect these little red workers holding us up, moving us around and protecting us from harm. Muscles are just our messengers. Please don’t kill the messenger!


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