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A Footnote About Your Spine

Posted: March 26, 2018
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,



Your feet are the base of your body but your brain is the base of your feet. You may stand on your feet, but you stand because your brain controls your feet. Everything going on at one end of your body is being reported to the other end all the way to the ground. Your brain is fully aware of every demand of every ankle, heel, arch, toe and toenail. Every way you stand, walk, run or sleep and every pair of shoes, surface or circumstance. Your feet can’t do a thing without this vital connection and it is all communicated back and forth through your spine.

            As it turns out, your spine is the most important connection of your entire body.  Your brain may be the power source for your life, but any power station is useless without a connection to the places that need power.  We tend to realize this is true for our entire body, but often times the feet get left out because they are on the other side of the body. We know full well what happens when we stub our toe and that it is connected to our brain, otherwise we wouldn’t feel it. But when we have other foot symptoms, we tend to think they are only foot problems.  In fact, many foot issues aren’t even a problem with the foot at all.

            When your brain relates to gravity, it has to compensate for any variations from normal by moving your body underneath it to make up for any differences.  These compensations happen from your neck to your low back to your legs and eventually your feet.  When you get interference of these important message carried from your brain through your spine, your feet pay a price with everything else in your body. As the spine goes, so go the feet.  

            If you look at a logjam, the problem is higher up the river but all the logs are jammed all the way down the river. Some logjams are miles long but the logjam in your body is only feet long, going all the way to your toes. The jam usually starts at the top of your spine and continues all the way down to the last log. The longest recorded logjam was seven miles long.  That means that if you stood on the very last log of the jam, you couldn’t see the cause of the problem much farther up the river.

            The same thing happens with many foot issues.  We don’t see the real cause of the problem higher up in the body because we may not connect how we feel below with anything above that we don’t feel. Many people are standing on a logjam in their feet but have no idea that the cause of the jam may be higher in their spine because all they see are jammed logs as far as their eye can see.

            Once the cause of the logjam is removed, something kind of neat happens. Without having to touch a single other log, all the logs start flowing down the river again.  With one specific movement on top, the rest of the logjam clears itself.  This also happens with your body. When a specific interference is removed higher up in your spine, your entire body begins to function normally again.  All the way down to your feet.  

            Without having to touch your feet to help them function better, a chiropractor can adjust the jam in your spine and allow the intelligence from your brain to clear the rest of your body and feet.  You can’t tell where your log jam is coming from based on the log you are standing on and you can’t tell where your interference is coming from based on your foot symptoms, so make an appointment today so you can get a foot hold on your foot problem.


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