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Do Your Blood Pressure Issues Make Your Blood Boil?

Posted: November 20, 2017
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,


Getting frustrated by your blood pressure issues? Many people are told they have high blood pressure. Some are told that they have low blood pressure. Either way, the concern immediately goes to just trying to treat the effects of the blood pressure, often times with no success. Although this may sound logical on a certain level, there are a number of assumptions associated with it once we get a better understanding of what blood pressure really is. What’s worse, they are usually unaware of a common, significant cause: spinal subluxations.

Have you ever wondered what makes blood pressure “high” or “low?” We all have an innate intelligence working within us from conception and it knows exactly what the pressure should be for every moment of any of the demands required of our living body. The cardiac system alone cannot determine this because everything, including the heart, gets its marching orders from the supreme system that controls and coordinates everything in the body: the nervous system.

This vital system is monitoring the demands on the body and responds perfectly when there is no interference. If there is a spinal subluxation interfering with the nerves that detect stress, and also with the nerves allowing it to adapt accordingly, that same intelligence cannot communicate its needs as it should. When there is no interference, if blood pressure is higher or lower than common, the body is doing exactly what it must to survive. If it didn’t, you would die.

How can blood pressure be higher or lower than normal and still be right? Imagine yourself exercising. If you were to measure your blood pressure, it would be much higher than when you are at rest. That is because your demands are much higher with exercise. If your pressure didn’t increase, you would pass out. What determines whether the body is doing something appropriate or not? Again, it is your body’s ability to adapt through your nervous system, and specifically through clear nerve channels in the spine that connect your brain to everything else in your body. Many people are walking around with backs and necks that feel great, yet they have spinal subluxations interfering with the brain's ability to communicate with the cardiovascular system, which often results in high blood pressure, or even low blood pressure, depending on the person.

Some fascinating research has shown that people with blood pressure issues had their numbers improve as if they were taking several blood pressure medications, in a span of just one month of spinal adjustments. Now, chiropractic doesn’t treat blood pressure, but isn’t this an important fact to know? How many people do you know, including yourself, who might have tried everything to treat their blood pressure, but nothing seems to help? Many of them might simply have spinal subluxations complicating their condition. There is no such thing as a “blood pressure adjustment” but what there is for everyone is a specific chiropractic assessment for everyone to know if and when they have this interference.

Get checked today and make sure your blood pressure is exactly what it should be. 

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