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The Nose Knows

Posted: March 24, 2016
By: Vicki Fox

Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord DC, DPhCS

If your nose went away, would your allergies go away too? If it’s not the nose that causes allergies, is it what the nose smells or is it something else? And why do different noses react differently to the same thing? Why dont the allergens that people love to demonize, such as pollen, animals, mold and anything else, cause the same reaction in everyone?

As it turns out, the thing that determines how each nose reacts to the outside environment is the ability of the intelligence behind each nose, on the inside environment. The nose knows what it knows because this inborn intelligence that created and controls everything in your entire body also controls your nose. And the intelligence in the body is unique to each person and each nose based on the unique demands of each person. 

Even when your nose is red and swollen from allergies, it’s not about your nose or what your nose smells. Your allergic reaction is always an intelligent response by the living intelligence inside you to protect you and heal you. So much so that if you didn’t have an allergic response whenever it is required, you would die. And since it is impossible for dead people to even get an allergy, there is something pretty special going on inside you and inside every living person. And that should be respected.

Once this perspective is understood, there is respect for this special intelligence in the body and its ability to be communicated from your brain to all the parts of your entire body. This important messaging channel happens mainly through your spine, protected within the bones in your back. When these bones misalign, they interfere with these special messages expressed by the intelligence relayed by your nervous system. This system is especially important when it comes to allergies because it also controls your immune system and any allergic reaction, including what comes through your nose.

When someone develops an allergic reaction to something that another person doesn’t, it is often because there is interference to the nervous system in the person working harder requiring the reaction. When someone’s immune system is working well enough, they are able to process potential allergens without expressing symptoms. The result? No allergy. But if someone has a bone misaligned in their spine interfering with their nervous system, this decreases the function of their immune system, ultimately decreasing their ability to fight off allergens appropriately. The result? Allergy symptoms. Without ever treating a single allergy, most allergies improve or go away completely when spinal misalignments are analyzed and adjusted back to normal again, regaining proper communication in the nervous system, improving immune system function, making sure the allergic response by your body is normal.

Only chiropractors are trained to specifically find and address the interference that can cause or complicate your allergies. And since this interference is common, and often people with allergies don’t have back or neck pain to prompt them to get their spine checked for misalignments, it is important for everyone to see a chiropractor so they can make sure they’re body is working right and that their nose knows best. 

Get to a cause of allergies. Get to a chiropractor.

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