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Autoimmune Order

Posted: March 27, 2017
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,


It’s time to bring some order to disorder.  There is no such thing as an “autoimmune disorder”, but there IS a common misunderstanding about the intelligent order of the body.

A central principle of Chiropractic states:

“The forces of Innate Intelligence never injure or destroy the structures in which they work.”

This means that the intelligence that created and maintains your body is always working for your best interest. 

Always.  No exceptions.

Even when we don’t understand it or appreciate it, every thing the body does is the best strategy for the situation.  Everything we might observe as disorder, such as the immune system appearing to fight the body or the body appearing to fight itself, is really just the body fighting for us on the battlefield that IS us.  And without these immune system soldiers, we would lose the war of life sooner than we could ever blame them.

Without this vital defense, we would be in worse shape or even dead if that battle wasn’t being waged and at the right time and right way.  Without inflammation, the main way the immune system protects and heals us, we would be dead. But because this process is usually associated with illness, inflammation gets the blame for the illness instead of the credit for responding to it.  If we only see soldiers with war, we could wrongly conclude that soldiers caused the war instead of the reason why the soldiers are called onto the battlefield to fight for us in the first place.

There is only one catch to ensure you have an optimally functioning immune system, ensure there is no interference to your nervous system, the master controller of your entire body.  When there is interference to this master system, nothing in your body functions as well, including your immune system and the proper function of inflammation.

Spinal subluxations prevent your brain from communicating properly with the rest of your body and ultimately mean that a problem in your back will keep your immune system from moving forward in protecting you the way it should.

Studies have shown that subluxations will significantly affect your white blood cell count, a good meter stick of how your immune system is working.  Conversely, when subluxations are specifically analyzed and adjusted by your Chiropractor, communication is improved and your immune system begins to respond normally again.

What often looks like your body fighting itself is really just your compromised immune system fighting the best it can with one hand tied behind your back, because that is exactly where the real problem is.  So get your spine checked today for vertebral subluxations to allow your immune system to protect you once again from disorder to order, through your immune system and your nervous system, from the Innate Intelligence that animates all life, including yours. 

Top 10 Chiropractic Stoppers

Posted: March 20, 2017
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,


People can come up with any number of reasons why they won't see a Chiropractor. Here are the top 10. 

Don't let one of these reasons stop you from living your best LIFE!


1)      “It didn’t work for me”

         -We offer truly unique care

         -We give free second opinions


2)      “I want to use my insurance”

         -Insurance only pays for crisis care

        -Membership is the most cost effective


3)       “MD said it won’t help me”

         -Md’s know medicine, not chiropractic

         -Several people in the room are examples


4)       “Adjustments make me nervous”

         -The sound is just air coming out of the joint

         -We have several low and no force techniques


5)       “It’s not close enough for me”

         -We give a free assessment for referrals

         -Your answers are wherever they are found


6)       “I can’t lay down or move very well”

         -We can adjust face down, face up or seated

         -The pregnant and in pain use a special table


7)       “I don’t want anyone to touch my pain”

         -The problem usually isn’t where the pain is

         -The whip analogy of the fray and the handle


8)       “I don’t like changing my clothes”

         -You never have to change or wear a gown

         -Exams and adjustments are quick and easy


9)      “I don’t have time for it”

         -No appointments after the first visit

         -Easy access off the 494 bend and the EP mall


10)    “I want to get to the cause of my problem”

         -Therapy works with the effects

         -Chiropractic works with the cause

Vertigo, Vertebrae, and You

Posted: March 13, 2017
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,


Is looking for the cause of your vertigo making your head spin?  There are various causes of balance and dizziness issues, but a common one is often overlooked by the best doctors in the world and for good reason; it isn’t even in your head.  Over half of all the nerves going to your head are coming from your spine, so your head is completely dependent on proper signals coming from somewhere other than your head. As it turns out, dizziness is often not a head problem and yet your spine could feel fine.  This is like the oil light shining on the dashboard but the engine appears fine.  The problem and its solution isn’t always obvious and the world is full of dashboard experts.  Chiropractic is different.

Chiropractors work with your engine. 

The bones of your spine are called vertebrae because the root word “vert” means to turn or spin.  When these bones turn into misalignments, they often cause interference of the spinal nerves they protect within them.  These “spinning bones” can also make you feel like your entire body is spinning and, as you probably know already, that isn’t good.  Chiropractors call these misalignments spinal subluxations and they are the only professionals specifically trained to find and adjust them.  Now to be clear, there is no adjustment for vertigo or any other condition for that matter because chiropractic doesn’t treat anything.  But when spinal subluxations are adjusted, the body can communicate normally with the brain again and that’s exactly what you want.

Your entire body works better with chiropractic but your balance centers are a major function affected by it.  Your nervous system controls your relationship to gravity and movement so when this system is compromised, so goes your ability to balance properly. As you can imagine, that will cause vertigo and dizziness when the spinal bones in your back or neck turn just the wrong way.  While treating the dashboard, a common side effect of a common vertigo drug is dizziness.  It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world. On the contrary, the only side effect of chiropractic is a better version of you. If you feel like your condition is spinning out of control, make sure to have your spine checked for this specific interference by a chiropractor so you can go from spinning to winning.

I'm Good

Posted: March 7, 2017
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,


Sometimes we quiz our practice members to help them understand the nature of how people view their health and health problems.  Here is one particular question. “Which symptom is the most dangerous to have?  A) Chest pain, B) Head pain, C) Stomach pain, or D) No pain at all.”

As you might imagine, almost everyone ends up trying to decide which pain is the worst, while never considering that no pain at all can also mean no health problems at all! It has been observed that the hospitals are full of people who felt fine yesterday, because most people pretend they are healthy until there are not.  How is that possible?  Aside from getting hit by truck, people aren’t healthy until they mysteriously catch a bug or drop dead in their tracks.  Something not so obvious was going on beneath the surface but because they assumed they were “good,” they did nothing at all to get checked before hand, much less do anything about what they didn’t even know about.  Without getting checked, we don’t even know that we don’t know! 

So what should we get checked?  As a chiropractor, we check for spinal subluxations.  They have been called the “silent killer,” and for good reason.  Spinal subluxations (nerve interference), are like artery plaque.  When people have plaque on their heart or blood vessels, it causes circulation to decrease.  This is never good.  The problem is, we get the plaque before we are lucky enough to get any symptoms.  Lucky because symptoms allow us to know something is wrong, but they don’t let us know when or where the problem is. 

For example, if someone is having a heart attack from plaque that began decades earlier, by the time the symptoms begin, that person will be in a lot worse trouble with their health than if they would have acted on it sooner.  And what’s worse, often times the person doesn’t even have obvious symptoms.  They may only have shortness of breath, their left arm might feel tingly, their chest might feel a little tight, or they might just be kind of tired that day!  That’s not the most reliable feedback to do something for a process that began decades before, is it?  And get this:  At no time during the heart attack is the plaque on the vessel walls painful.  Plaque is never painful.  Only the effects on the rest of the body might be.  They truly are a silent killer.

So let’s get back to another silent killer:  Spinal subluxations.  And they are also never good or painful.  You can end up with many health problems and eventually pain because of nerve pressure interfering with your body’s ability to communicate with itself, from the very beginning of your life.  Everyone gets these subluxations and most people have them when we are born!  So isn’t it worth getting checked for this silent killer and having them removed so you can live your life to the fullest?  We think so too.  Call us today to have everyone you know checked for this problem that only a chiropractor is trained to do, and don’t just guess that you are good, know you are good.  

Three Things Chiropractic Doesn't Do

Posted: March 2, 2017
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,


1) Chiropractic Doesn't Judge You: 

A diagnosis judges how your body should be by comparing it to an average body that belongs to nobody, and definitely not your body. Medical statistics show that their initial diagnosis matches their final diagnosis (often with a toe tag) less than 20% of the time! Now, this isn’t meant to put down medicine but it is meant to put it into perspective. They are attempting to take on the daunting task of guessing about your incredibly complex body. Any other profession would have the same dilemma trying to do the same thing. The truth is only the intelligence that created you and maintains you knows exactly how you should be at all times. So when it comes to any of your body functions, chiropractic recognizes that everything your body does is important and essential.  It may not be fully understood or appreciated but without every single body function, you would die or would be in a worse place without it, no matter what the diagnosis. The chiropractor simply looks for interference between your vital intelligence and the body it created to make sure it is able to perform exactly how it should. 

Chiropractic accepts you just as you are.


2) Chiropractic Doesn't Manipulate You:

Once your body functions have been judged with a diagnosis, the next logical thing to do is to try to manipulate, control or stop it.  And even if a therapy helps someone feel better, the cause is still just dangling there waiting to be addressed.  If we define the problem as the oil light in the car, the best thing that can happen is a dark dashboard that still needs an oil change.  Therapies treat the dashboard.  What we need to do before we can change the oil is change our thinking.  Every action has a thought process behind it so it is important to understand who we are and redefine problems in a new light. It is said that you can’t make an apple seed into an apple.  You can only provide the resources to allow that seed to become its potential if it is just given the opportunity and the time required.  In other words, you can’t speed healing.  You can only remove interference from the process of healing.  It is also said that you can’t get oranges from an apple seed. To make the body do anything other than it was designed to do is to take away from its inherent abilities.  So to try to make the body do something it wouldn’t naturally do on its own is to make something other than a healthier you and a true expression of your life. 

Chiropractic lets you be yourself.


3) Chiropractic Doesn't Guess About You:

Prognosis is a fancy medical word for predict.  It tries to guess what is going to happen to you in the future and usually takes the form of a treatment plan.  It guesses how often you should be manipulated chemically, physically or otherwise. The problem is, it is often wrong because an educated guess is still just a guess. Treatment plans are based on averages and are never created for your specific needs.  Chiropractic takes a different approach. Any other attempts are guesswork, no matter how well intended or required on a certain level of crisis care, but we don’t guess about your life. We will specifically check your nervous system for interference on a frequency that is determined by your body’s demands without having to guess, all in your time and way. With chiropractic, your body is always in charge of every aspect of your care because your body has its own care plan based off its own needs. Your chiropractor just listens to your body and follows its requests. We simply allow your body to fully express itself again, giving you back your potential to be your best.

Chiropractic follows your lead.

The Chiropractic “BOGO”!

Posted: March 2, 2017
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,


Pregnancy is a normal and natural process that billions of mothers in the world have experienced from the beginning of time. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t know that by how much medicalization and fear is associated with it.  A big reason for potential complications that can lead down scary roads is because all mothers who don’t see a chiropractor have interference to the their nervous system.

What does that mean?  Since the nervous system controls and coordinates everything in the body, including the structures and functions of pregnancy, it means an awful lot.  In pregnant mothers, that means every chemical, hormone and movement required to conceive, carry and deliver a healthy child is dependent on their nervous system.  Everyone gets nerve interference, called spinal subluxations, so that means all mothers too.  The brain has to connect with your unborn baby through your spine.  With spinal subluxations, your brain can’t talk to your baby and your baby can’t talk to your brain.  When pregnancy issues do arise, you can bet that interference to the nervous system is involved in some way or another, and therefore it is impossible for mom and the unborn child to be as healthy with subluxations. 

Here are three specific ways that chiropractic adjustments have been shown to help:

1) Fertility:  Studies have shown a dramatic improvement in the ability to conceive for those who have a history of infertility.  Proper conception chemistry cannot be ideal when there is interference to the system that MADE the chemistry to begin with!

2) Presentation of baby:  The uterus is a baby house made of muscle and is dependent on nerve function for proper tone, shape and function.  In turn, all these are essential for proper baby position.  Many babies presenting in less than ideal positions have literally turned into better positions while the adjusted mother is still on the chiropractic table!  The baby follows the uterus.  When people try to turn the baby itself, it is shown that this is successful roughly 50% of the time.  When the chiropractor simply concentrates on making sure the mother is adjusted, the uterus follows the adjustment and so does the baby.  This usually results in a successful turning of the baby as high as 90% of the time, all without directly moving the baby itself.  Go baby!

3) Labor time:  Its been shown that pregnant women who get regular adjustments have about a third less labor time.  The reality is that spinal subluxations actually increase labor time by about a third longer.  Removing interference just allows labor time to be exactly as it should be.

In general, most women report feeling better overall with chiropractic adjustments, even those that were told that chiropractic couldn’t help them, and some even comment that they feel better than before they were pregnant!  That means that much of the discomfort commonly associated with pregnancy is really just a complication of spinal subluxations.  As you can see, our culture needs to stop blaming pregnancy for issues just associated with a normal function like pregnancy.  And chiropractic adjustments are easy for pregnant women, just as they are for everyone else and the experience is usually easier than you think. 

When pregnant moms get adjusted, so do their unborn babies.  That’s why we like to say that your unborn baby’s care is free until it is born.  Your baby gets the benefits of your spinal adjustments without even trying.  So you see, when you get adjusted while you are pregnant, it is really is a BOGO:  “Adjust One Get One Free”!