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Cold & Flu Season Again?

Posted: September 21, 2018
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,


Sometimes in life, the right things get demonized and the wrong things get the credit. The concept of being sick is a good example. Many people don’t understand what sickness really means because they have a sick perception of being sick! When they have cold or flu related symptoms, they often assume it is bad and then try to treat the sickness out of them, but instead, they end up just running their health down. After all, who likes feeling tired, achy and sniffly? And don’t healthy people feel good? But if we put it into perspective, dead people don’t get any symptoms either! So what gives? 

All these symptoms are coming from an innate intelligence working through our bodies to protect and heal us. Which one of these two functions do you think is bad for us? The answer is neither! A different question might be, why does the amazing intelligence within us need to produce any of these sickness symptoms in the first place?

The cold and the flu go together like immune and system. Without this system, your body could never fight off the things it has every moment you are alive; and not just when you feel symptoms. In addition, the immune system is controlled by the most important system in your body, the nervous system. When there is interference to this supreme system, nothing else in your body can possibly work as well, including your immune system.

Have you ever noticed that some people are never sick, some people are always sick and yet other people are like dominoes, where it seems like germs just knock down the next person in line? If one person is always sick and another person is never sick, does that mean that germs like some people and don’t like others? In truth, germs are around us all the time. We actually have a healthy relationship with them as long as we are functioning properly. Everyone gets the flu. The real question is what are you going to do with the flu?

This also means that why we get sick depends on how strong our immune system is before we even get sick, and therefore how well our nervous system is working too. The difference between a cough and a coffin isn’t the strength of the microbe we are exposed to, but rather how strong our body is to begin with. After all, there is no such thing as a flu season, but there is such a thing as a compromised season. These are really just the various times throughout the year that we are more vulnerable to the exact same microbes we would demonize if we don’t understand how our relationship with the environment really works.

Now, here is where Chiropractic comes in: The cause of your health isn’t outside of you, depending on germs or anything else. It is inside you! You and everyone you know gets regular interference to their nervous system, called a spinal subluxation. It prevents the intelligent messages trying to communicate between your brain and your body through your spine. This means you must have your spine checked just as regularly as these subluxations happen, and only Chiropractors are specially trained to detect and remove spinal subluxations.

If you haven’t noticed it yet, this is also a message of empowerment. Once you realize that you can take control of your health, your entire life changes for the better as well. Instead of being fearful that you don’t get sick or feel lucky when you don’t, or even dreading the symptoms associated with being sick, you can turn your compromise into a promise. And the promise is that as long as your nervous system is working properly, you can be assured that everything else in your body is working as it is designed too, including your immune system. This can only happen with chiropractic care. 

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“Chiropractic Didn’t Work For Me…”

Posted: September 4, 2018
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,


“Chiropractic Didn’t Work For Me…”

It’s important to understand what something is 

before we can understand what to expect from it.

If we try to use a screwdriver to drive in a nail, we run into problems pretty quickly. If we use something that was never designed as a hammer, we will just end up with a dented screwdriver and a bent nail. When we misunderstand something, we can’t help but misuse it as well.If something is misused, it will be used for the wrong thing and not used for the right ones. There is nothing wrong with a perfectly good screwdriver, but it’s just the right tool for the wrong job.

If we only used a cell phone to make phone calls, it wouldn’t be a great use for a great tool but there is so much more! We would be missing out on all the things our cell phone is capable of.When we learn about all the other functions, it becomes surprising how much we were unaware of before but were available to us the entire time. There are numerous articles called, “Ten things your cell phone does that you never knew.”  If an alien didn’t understand anything a cell phone did, they might even brag about what a great doorstop it is! 

           The more we understand something, the more use we can get out of it and for the right reasons. Otherwise, we can’t fully appreciate what is available to us to improve our choices and our lives. Worse yet, we could end up cursing a wonderful tool simply because we are using it the wrong way.

So what do screw drivers and cell phones have to do with Chiropractic? Great question! 

           At first glance, Chiropractic can look like a good treatment for pain and other conditions. This is because our society has trained us to think that everything is a treatment for something. We only think with what we are familiar with, so why would we think any different about Chiropractic? Chiropractic helps most people feel better but if we stop there, we are missing out on so much more!

           If we see a Chiropractor for a particular concern that doesn’t go away, we may feel like chiropractic didn’t work for us. If someone begins working out and they don’t lose the weight they wanted to lose, they could mistakenly think that exercise doesn’t work for them. Just look at all the other benefits of exercise they are completely missing out on if they quit too soon or altogether!

It can take weeks to months or more before symptoms may go away related to Chiropractic care, and sometimes they don’t go away at all because there may be another reason for them. If someone gets in condition with exercise, they may not notice a certain concern such as their blood pressure decreasing because they have a poor diet, but their exercise regime is still always good for them. 

If someone sees a Chiropractor to feel better in a particular way, all their symptoms may not go away, but the adjustments to free their nervous system of interference is always allowing them to function at their best! The unpopular truth is that sometimes other factors cause health problems as well. 

If your nerve channels were free of interference and someone stepped on your toe, how should that feel? If we wanted our toe pain to go away, it could look like Chiropractic can’t help us. If someone stepped on our toe and we didn’t have pain, that is a medical condition called numbness! Sometimes we can feel worse when we are working just as we should.

The goal of chiropractic isn’t to feel better: it’s to be better!

Symptoms can guide us, 

but they should not dictate whether something is working or not.

Can you imagine someone starting to eat healthier because they want to lower their cholesterol level, and if their cholesterol doesn’t decrease, they stopped eating healthy?

           A great thing about Chiropractic is that many symptoms and conditions often go away with consistent care. There is no smoke and mirrors or side effects that are associated with most treatments.

The difference is that when people feel better because they are getting spinal adjustments, it’s because they really are better.

           We are taught that when we feel good, we are ‘fine’. When we don’t ‘feel good’, we go to a medical doctor to get a diagnosis and a treatment. Sound familiar? However, Chiropractic is completely different.

           Once we dig deeper, we find that Chiropractic is something much bigger. If we keep an open-mind and are patient, we can get past our pre-conceived notions and move onto the real and wonderful benefits waiting for us. 

Ask questions and then ask more questions. Keep them coming, because we have answers and they are probably answers you may not have thought about before. These kinds of answers may even change the questions you have.

Chiropractic ALWAYS Works.

            Anyone who thinks Chiropractic doesn’t work for them is simply trying to hire the right worker but for the wrong job. The Innate Intelligence of your body is the absolutely best worker you could possibly hire. It is the master rehabilitator that allows you to heal and return to a highest level of function. The wrong job is patchwork, while the right job is your fully expressed potential. Let chiropractic do the right work for you and watch your life start working right again.