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Whiplash / Car Accidents

Posted: June 19, 2017
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,


Your head weighs about the same as a bowling ball, or about 10-15 pounds. Imagine holding a bowling ball in your hands during an accident. That’s a lot to get thrown around in an automobile that is suddenly stopping or moving. Research shows that a car accident can cause a whiplash-type injury to your head and spine with speeds as little as 5 MPH. Wow. And the effects in your body don’t stop there. Because your spine is involved with all the functions of your body, a car accident can result in spinal subluxations, which interfere with your brains ability to communicate with the rest of your body, including your organs!

While many people can see how 5 MPH can cause an expensive fender bender, they don’t realize how much their body takes a toll during that process. In fact, the less damage to the car, the more energy your body has to absorb during impact. That energy has to go somewhere, so if the car doesn’t get it, you do. People will make sure to get their car into the shop, yet they don’t get to a chiropractor to get checked for damage to their spine and nervous system. And while you can always get a new car, (the average person has 15-18 new cars during their lifetime), you can never get a new body. You have to take care of the body you were given for the rest of your life.

Going to a chiropractor regularly will even help you deal with accidents better before they ever happen. Your reaction time is better. Plus your more flexible, stronger body is more able to withstand forces that a compromised, weaker version could.  Chiropractic doesn’t prevent injuries and it doesn’t make you Superman or Wonder Woman, but it sure does help you deal with the many stresses in your life better.  

Spinal adjustments don’t put an “S” on your chest; they just take the straight jacket off your cape, because you were born super! You are in there, just waiting to be released again to live your life to the fullest. Without interference, and without misconception of whom you think you should be after a car accident. Too many people have a history of surviving accidents, only to suffer with the idea that they should just deal with the lesser version of themselves to come out of the wreckage. 

Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t assume that is the way life is supposed to be, regardless of what limitations were placed on you because you reach “Maximum Medical Improvement.”  

Chiropractic is so different that you may have had all the coverage in the world on an accident claim, seen all the specialists and therapists, and still not be your best. If you had a light go out in a lamp in your house, all the plumbers and roofers in the world won’t be able to turn your lights on again.  

Get your spine checked today by a chiropractor, and find out what your true potential really is.

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