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A Chiropractors Gift

Posted: April 24, 2017
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,

Vicki has served with Dr. Alvord for 8 years and has been a practice member of his for 17 years. She originally went to see him for neck pain but learned how vital chiropractic was to her life and that of her family. She was on 14 medications daily when she began care and has not taken any in 14 years all because of having interference to her nervous system removed by Dr. Alvord. If you want to hear more of her inspiring journey, give her a call! She would love to share it with you, because that power is not hers alone. It belongs to EVERYONE. 


Written by Vicki Fox, for Dr. Matthew Alvord (2009)

Although you take no credit, your hands have brought me to my genuine self. I stand on the edge: the cusp of a new beginning.

The past of who I was that made me who I am, I am so grateful for but never want to befriend again. It's not welcome. The door has been closed, slammed if you will and locked tight.

But I can look ahead now into light and into what it is I am meant to be, ready to plunge, not looking for the net below because I know I won't fall, and all because of your hands.

You humbly say it's not you, and I know that it is in me. Because of your gift, the blessing that was given to you which you so openly and freely give to others, I am who I was born to be. 

Unlocking in me my authentic self, because of a chiropracTORs hands. 

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