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Tonsil Talk

Posted: April 10, 2017
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,


Tonsillectomies were the most common surgical procedure performed during the entire last century, and for good reason.  So many children have issues with their tonsils that well meaning parents and doctors alike want to do something to help these children, so they simply cut out them out.  But what really is the issue? 

What has been assumed from the very first tonsillectomy is that the problem is with the tonsils themselves.  After all, that’s what inflames, swells and hurts so it couldn’t be any more straightforward, right?  But like so many things, there is more to the truth than it appears.  Actually, tonsils are normal immune system tissue that we are all born with to help protect and heal us.  Without them, our immune system does not work as well and we have an increased risk of other health complications later on in life.  So why do they seem to give so many problems to so many people? 

The truth is, your tonsils are like fire alarms.  Can you imagine a disgruntled person waking up in the middle of the night to a blaring weather siren, only to pull its power source so they can go back to sleep?  Well, that’s exactly what is happening when someone gets a tonsillectomy.  Although there is a superficial logic to the desperation of trying to feel better, the tonsils that were cut out are just a sign of a much bigger problem with the immune system.  Those swollen tonsils are hoarse from trying to scream out their warning!

The question always comes back to why.  Why do tonsils even get inflamed and swollen? Why would my intelligent body have such dumb tonsils to do that to me? 

The answer is that the body is always intelligent and the tonsils are just intelligently trying to adapt as best they can and protect us from worse things.  And although various environment factors will affect how the immune system and tonsils will react, the inherent function of your tonsils comes from their ability to communicate back and forth from the immune system they come from and the nervous system that communicates the intelligence that made them.

Chiropractors don’t treat the tonsils, much less tonsillitis because chiropractic doesn’t treat anything.  In reality, the only cure for anything you have is your creator, the Innate Intelligence that created and maintains your life.  And the only way for that intelligence to communicate from your brain to your tonsils is through your spine.  The interference in the back of your neck will cause dysfunction in the front of your neck, and that is where your tonsils are.

Your Chiropractor can specifically find this interference and allow your body to restore function to your tonsils again by removing the interference, not your tonsils!  So start assigning the blame where it belongs, the silent subluxation in your neck, instead of the screaming tonsils in your throat.

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