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The Chiropractic “BOGO”!

Posted: March 2, 2017
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,


Pregnancy is a normal and natural process that billions of mothers in the world have experienced from the beginning of time. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t know that by how much medicalization and fear is associated with it.  A big reason for potential complications that can lead down scary roads is because all mothers who don’t see a chiropractor have interference to the their nervous system.

What does that mean?  Since the nervous system controls and coordinates everything in the body, including the structures and functions of pregnancy, it means an awful lot.  In pregnant mothers, that means every chemical, hormone and movement required to conceive, carry and deliver a healthy child is dependent on their nervous system.  Everyone gets nerve interference, called spinal subluxations, so that means all mothers too.  The brain has to connect with your unborn baby through your spine.  With spinal subluxations, your brain can’t talk to your baby and your baby can’t talk to your brain.  When pregnancy issues do arise, you can bet that interference to the nervous system is involved in some way or another, and therefore it is impossible for mom and the unborn child to be as healthy with subluxations. 

Here are three specific ways that chiropractic adjustments have been shown to help:

1) Fertility:  Studies have shown a dramatic improvement in the ability to conceive for those who have a history of infertility.  Proper conception chemistry cannot be ideal when there is interference to the system that MADE the chemistry to begin with!

2) Presentation of baby:  The uterus is a baby house made of muscle and is dependent on nerve function for proper tone, shape and function.  In turn, all these are essential for proper baby position.  Many babies presenting in less than ideal positions have literally turned into better positions while the adjusted mother is still on the chiropractic table!  The baby follows the uterus.  When people try to turn the baby itself, it is shown that this is successful roughly 50% of the time.  When the chiropractor simply concentrates on making sure the mother is adjusted, the uterus follows the adjustment and so does the baby.  This usually results in a successful turning of the baby as high as 90% of the time, all without directly moving the baby itself.  Go baby!

3) Labor time:  Its been shown that pregnant women who get regular adjustments have about a third less labor time.  The reality is that spinal subluxations actually increase labor time by about a third longer.  Removing interference just allows labor time to be exactly as it should be.

In general, most women report feeling better overall with chiropractic adjustments, even those that were told that chiropractic couldn’t help them, and some even comment that they feel better than before they were pregnant!  That means that much of the discomfort commonly associated with pregnancy is really just a complication of spinal subluxations.  As you can see, our culture needs to stop blaming pregnancy for issues just associated with a normal function like pregnancy.  And chiropractic adjustments are easy for pregnant women, just as they are for everyone else and the experience is usually easier than you think. 

When pregnant moms get adjusted, so do their unborn babies.  That’s why we like to say that your unborn baby’s care is free until it is born.  Your baby gets the benefits of your spinal adjustments without even trying.  So you see, when you get adjusted while you are pregnant, it is really is a BOGO:  “Adjust One Get One Free”! 

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