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A Gift of Love

Posted: February 12, 2016
By: Vicki Fox

This is a guest blog from a man who gifted our services to his wife.

My wife and I met about eight years ago. She was that cute girl across the bar that I couldn’t stop looking at. A friend of mine said I should go talk to her and I worked up the courage to say hi and well… we never looked back. We learned all sorts of things about each other. What was our favorite foods, hobbies, activities, and also things we didn’t agree on like what TV shows to watch. One thing I learned about my wife was that she had terrible allergies. She calls them seasonal allergies and she was taking all sorts of over-the-counter meds almost every day. I didn’t think much of it over the years. She seemed to have them under control and I didn’t have the problem so for me it wasn’t a topic of conversation all that often.

That changed in the spring of 2015. She seemed to be getting worse. The Kleenex box went from the bathroom to the bedroom because her nose was running so bad. Her nose was getting sore like you see in the winter during the cold season but this was spring and not a cold so what the heck was going on?!?!? It was starting to change our daily routine and not in a good way. I was noticing her sneezing and her nose running a lot more than ever before. When you see the person you love dealing with something like this every day it makes you want to do anything to fix it.

So, I started reading. I read about why allergies exist and what function they could possible serve. I also consulted with people who are more educated in the health fields and that’s where Matt and Vicki from Creation Chiropractic came in. I met them at a networking function and we got to talking about the subject. Dr. Matt explained to me how our bodies are just like any other machine. We are full of sensors that connects everything in our body to our brains. He told me how there were 3 trillion messages each second running through this system that tell the body to move, feel, taste, and so on. Well, the part nobody thinks about it the feedback we get from this same system. When I burn my finger I feel the pain and my brain instructs me to move finger. Our organs and other systems work the same way and sometimes in ways we cannot feel directly. It was fascinating and very informative. Dr. Matt has a way of explaining things with analogies so it was easy to pick up.

How can a chiropractor fix my wife’s allergy problems? Well, they can’t. At least not directly. This is what I found most interesting. Dr. Matt wasn’t going to cure her allergies. He was simply going to get her nervous system in proper working order and in turn that would likely fix the other issues we were having. Just like a coax cable ran to your TV for cable your nerves carry data to your extremities, organs and your brain.  If you kink a coax cable the signal is weakened or completely cut off. Your body has millions of these cables (nerves) running all over and they too can become kinked. When that happens your body is so amazing it creates work-arounds and eventually grows around the problem. This may sound like a good solution but it’s actually a form of atrophy. It’s taking a step back in your life.

I realized I needed to get my wife in to see Dr. Matt. Only one problem…  She doesn’t like chiropractors. She comes from the veterinary world and is very much a believer in modern medical technology and had a negative impression of chiropractors. She was reluctant to see Dr.  Matt but after some begging I was able to get her to do the orientation visit at Creation Chiropractic in Eden Prairie. Matt and Vicki were awesome and explained everything I just explained above to my wife. They made her much more comfortable with chiropractic care and after some talking she decided to get the adjustment and sign up for a month of unlimited adjustments.

The first one was a little scary for her. She wasn’t used to a neck adjustment and was a little shocked from the feeling. At first she didn’t like it. In fact that day she felt off and a little woozy. We were told this was possible and that the wooziness would go away in a day or so. It did and the great thing is that was an indicator that we were doing the right thing. She was feeling nerves that had been kinked for years. Matt was quick to let us know we needed to get right back in to maintain what we had done. It’s easy for those nerves to go right back where they were and lose progress. So she proceeded to go in about three times per week and guess what: Her allergies were starting to go away. Not only that but she had some back pain from her job (lifting large dogs all day at the clinic) and that started to go away as well. It was like a new person had emerged. She will continue to get care with Matt and Vicki at Creation Chiropractic. We live in Minneapolis and are happy to make the trek to Eden Prairie to See Matt and Vicki at Creation Chiropractic. The outcome has been great and nothing we ever expected.

When you love someone it’s amazing to help improve their life in an impactful way. Especially with things that are painful or impeded on your day to life. I’m amazed at what people live with and don’t even try to fix. Sometimes all you need is a great chiropractor like Dr. Matt.

We would highly recommend Matt and Vicki at Creation Chiropractic. Thanks for all of your help!

---Matt and Jamie

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