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Neuritis, Neuralgia and Neuropathy...Oh My!

Posted: August 14, 2017
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,


People get overwhelmed with everything they are told they’ve “got”. Whether they actually have a condition or not, the one thing they’ve definitely got is fear.  What do I mean?  When you walk into a doctor’s office, you can get scared to death just from the diagnosis alone! They sound intimidating, awful and just plain foreign. Many diagnoses are not nearly as serious as they sound and do not represent the actual cause of the problem. Many other diagnoses are so general and non-specific that they seem like a desperate attempt to just put a label on anything they can find.

Take something like a nerve condition.  If a nerve is inflamed, they just add an “itis” on the end and voila!  You have neur-itis: nerve inflammation.  “Algia” means pain, so neuralgia means “nerve pain”.  Neuropathy?  Well, “pathy” means suffering or disease so that diagnosis just means “nerve disease”.  

What does it all mean?  Much of the time when you are diagnosed with something, it sounds like a death sentence when it is really just describing a certain thing they suspect is going on.  So, if you have nerve pain or inflammation and they don’t find anything else, you will be diagnosed with neuralgia or neuritis.  Neuropathy is such a general term that it could mean anything going on with the nerves, serious or subtle.

All these names are used to describe a kind of condition, but none of them actually says what is causing them.  And isn’t that the real issue at hand?  They can treat the effects of what they observe but none of it will get to the cause of why you have what you have.  In other words, a pain reliever or anti-inflammatory medication can effectively treat the effects of pain and inflammation and make your neuralgia and neuritis go away, but if the true cause of these conditions is not addressed, your health will go away too!

It’s time to spend more time looking at the “whys” in our body.  Why it is in pain, why it is inflamed or why it has any condition for that matter.  There are very good reasons why our body does any and all of the things it must do to survive.  If we just ignore this fact, we are treading on thin ice.  This is the main reason why people end up with more and more medications and treatments where the actual cause is not addressed.

As a Chiropractor, we are experts at working with your nervous system.  However, we don’t diagnosis or treat anything in your body.  We simply allow your body to function at a higher level when we remove interference to your nerves and the Innate Intelligence that controls your nerves. When this happens, many conditions go away just because your body does not need them anymore to survive at a lower level of function.

Chiropractic doesn’t treat neuralgia, neuritis or neuropathy because treatments cannot address the cause of why your nerves are not functioning properly in the first place.  Chiropractic is ultimately about the cause of your dysfunction.  Yet, these conditions and many more often go away by asking the simple question “Why”. And since Chiropractors are the only doctors trained to remove a specific interference to your nervous system called spinal subluxation, there are many people who suffer unnecessarily because they are only told what and where, but not how or why.

The questions you ask in your life are more important than the answers because you will never get the right answers with the wrong questions.  Start asking yourself, “Why do I even have this diagnosis they want to treat?” Only then can you begin to move forward towards a better, healthier version of yourself.  See a Chiropractor to make sure a major cause of all those scary sounding nerve conditions is not keeping you in fear.  Replace your fears with function and get checked today.

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