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Consideration Soup

Posted: September 11, 2017
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,


       Chiropractic affects everything in your body, but everything chiropractic affects is also affected by other things as well.  Spinal interference affects your entire body because your nervous system controls and coordinates everything in your body, but other factors affect your body and your life as well.  Your health and how you feel ends up being one big consideration soup.

         Lots of things go in a soup, but regardless of the meat or veggies or herbs, you need a broth. It is the base of any soup and holds all the other ingredients together. Your body’s broth is your nervous system and its ability to communicate the Innate Intelligence that created you and continues to run you.  Without a base to connect everything, you can’t have soup and you can’t have life. If we consider other ingredients in the soup, we find a number of environmental and circumstantial factors that will affect the how the soup tastes and how your body feels.  Let’s take a look at some of the more common stresses and concerns that affect your health.

         Chemical stress: This ranges from what you eat and drink to all the chemicals you are exposed to throughout your day and night.  Dietary issues alone can cause inflammation in your body, so anything you eat or drink that causes your immune system to try to protect and heal you, deserves a thorough investigation. If your body is reacting to foreign substances such as processed food with artificial ingredients or stimulants, you stand a good chance of having pain because your body is simply trying to slow you down while you address the cause. We are also exposed to a barrage of other chemicals, ranging from bathroom and cleaning products to building and machine waste products.  Anything that forces your body to turn on its fight or flight defenses is worth a closer look, so spend some time learning about the foreign substances you are exposed to on a regular basis.  And don’t assume that just because it is approved by the government or endorsed by a particular group that something is ok for you because this is often not the case.

         Physical stress:  The factor relates to all the physical things we do, both active and passive.  Active things would include poor exercise habits, overuse syndromes, and fatigue in general.  Passive physical stresses might include ergonomic issues such as a bad bed, pillow, chair or couch. They might be happening at work, home or even during recreation and sometimes they are cleverly disguised as our favorite hobby.  Either way, if our body needs to adapt to a less than ideal situation long enough, it physically changes as well and can result in long term limitations that hold back the rest of your health.  Pay more attention to what you make your body do and you will get a better appreciation for what it goes through, giving you an opportunity to improve it along the way.

         Emotional stress: This one is harder to relate to because you can’t see it.  You can feel it and anticipate it but you often have nothing to show for it.  It can wear you down over time like water drills a hole into a rock, but you can’t point to it and it’s different for everyone, because it’s all about perception.  One person’s gold is another one’s garbage, so a crossword puzzle could give one person an entertaining hour but give another person a migraine.  After all, if someone swore at you in Portuguese, you would have to know the language to be insulted by it.  Take some time to find out what really matters and limit the things that can tax your mind necessarily.

         There are times when unrealistic expectations can otherwise cause valid things to get blamed that don’t deserve it.  There will always be people who won’t lose weight when they work out or high blood pressure that doesn’t reduce with diet changes but neither takes away from the importance of exercise and diet.  Chiropractic can also be blamed for things it can’t or shouldn’t do.  For example, someone could receive essential chiropractic care expecting to feel better but if they are inflamed from their lifestyle and are adapting to their limitations as good as possible, they could still continue to have chronic conditions and pain that limit them as well.

         Understanding all the ingredients in your consideration soup will help you appreciate everything that your body deals with, and help you assign blame where it actually belongs.  Maybe it’s the turnip that’s causing the foul taste and not the broth and maybe it’s the gluten causing your pain instead of the interference, but don’t blame the broth holding the soup together and don’t blame the intelligence keeping you alive and holding you together. 

Just know that no matter what other ingredients there are, your soup of life will always be better in a broth made with Chiropractic.   Bon Appetit!

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