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I'm Good

Posted: March 7, 2017
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,


Sometimes we quiz our practice members to help them understand the nature of how people view their health and health problems.  Here is one particular question. “Which symptom is the most dangerous to have?  A) Chest pain, B) Head pain, C) Stomach pain, or D) No pain at all.”

As you might imagine, almost everyone ends up trying to decide which pain is the worst, while never considering that no pain at all can also mean no health problems at all! It has been observed that the hospitals are full of people who felt fine yesterday, because most people pretend they are healthy until there are not.  How is that possible?  Aside from getting hit by truck, people aren’t healthy until they mysteriously catch a bug or drop dead in their tracks.  Something not so obvious was going on beneath the surface but because they assumed they were “good,” they did nothing at all to get checked before hand, much less do anything about what they didn’t even know about.  Without getting checked, we don’t even know that we don’t know! 

So what should we get checked?  As a chiropractor, we check for spinal subluxations.  They have been called the “silent killer,” and for good reason.  Spinal subluxations (nerve interference), are like artery plaque.  When people have plaque on their heart or blood vessels, it causes circulation to decrease.  This is never good.  The problem is, we get the plaque before we are lucky enough to get any symptoms.  Lucky because symptoms allow us to know something is wrong, but they don’t let us know when or where the problem is. 

For example, if someone is having a heart attack from plaque that began decades earlier, by the time the symptoms begin, that person will be in a lot worse trouble with their health than if they would have acted on it sooner.  And what’s worse, often times the person doesn’t even have obvious symptoms.  They may only have shortness of breath, their left arm might feel tingly, their chest might feel a little tight, or they might just be kind of tired that day!  That’s not the most reliable feedback to do something for a process that began decades before, is it?  And get this:  At no time during the heart attack is the plaque on the vessel walls painful.  Plaque is never painful.  Only the effects on the rest of the body might be.  They truly are a silent killer.

So let’s get back to another silent killer:  Spinal subluxations.  And they are also never good or painful.  You can end up with many health problems and eventually pain because of nerve pressure interfering with your body’s ability to communicate with itself, from the very beginning of your life.  Everyone gets these subluxations and most people have them when we are born!  So isn’t it worth getting checked for this silent killer and having them removed so you can live your life to the fullest?  We think so too.  Call us today to have everyone you know checked for this problem that only a chiropractor is trained to do, and don’t just guess that you are good, know you are good.  

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