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The Facts About Fibromyalgia

Posted: February 12, 2018
By: Written by Dr. Matthew Alvord,

   If we look too closely at our problems, we can be convinced that we have a problem we need to address one way, when in fact, we actually have a different problem that needs to be addressed in another way. For example, if we look too closely at a ceiling light that is not working in our room, we might think that we simply need a new light bulb. But if it’s a switch problem, we need to step away from the light cover long enough to understand the relationship between the bulb and the wire leading to the wall switch.  If the lights still don’t come on after looking at the light switch, we might think we only have a switch problem.  If we take another step back from the room altogether, we might notice that the lights in other rooms of our house are out as well. In fact, if all the lights are out in all the rooms of our house, we don’t have a problem with any one room at all.

            Now, if we look at how we could treat the lighting problem in our house at different levels, they could all be addressed in a certain limited way, for a limited amount of time. If we think the problem is one room, we could light a bunch of candles and we will still be able to see what we want to see in the dark room.  If the whole house is dark, we could just get more candles, carry a flashlight, or even run a generator to artificially light the entire house.  Problem solved, right?  I think you can see the real problem here.

            It has been said that the only difference between the Dark Ages and today is that today we have artificial lighting. In other words, what have we actually improved?  When it comes to the human body and health, the dynamics that run our body functions and their problems and causes are basically the same.  Physiology hasn’t changed much at all, but our understanding and interventions have dramatically changed.  There are more sophisticated treatments for many conditions in the body, but are they actually getting to the real problem?

            When it comes to the specific condition of Fibromyalgia, there are many ways to treat the symptoms, but no therapy addresses the real cause of what controls all the muscles and connective tissue of the entire body. Therapists can prescribe all kinds of ways to numb up the effects of the problem, but they don’t get to the cause of why the problem exists in the first place. Nor can they, because they use candles and flashlights. If we take a step back from fibromyalgia like a lighting problem, we see that no therapy allows the lights to come back on because all the candles and flashlights in the world can’t restore the power in a dark house. 

            Even if someone feels better with a fibromyalgia treatment, their body isn’t functioning any better. What’s worse is they have a false sense of success because the house is lighter, but the power is still off. Worse still, since we are only designed to eat food, not only will anything else we consume have side effects, it is poisonous to our system. That’s a fact.

            In a certain sense, Chiropractors are like electricians. We don’t carry electricity, but we understand where the electricity comes from in your house and the vital relationship to all your rooms. We find and remove interference between your power source and the lights and restore the connection.  Our goal isn’t to treat your rooms or to even turn on the lights. But when we restore the potential back to your house, the power is available to turn on your lights again. 

            And let me save you the suspense: Chiropractic doesn’t treat Fibromyalgia, much less any other condition in your body. But when we remove interference between the Innate Intelligence running your body from your brain through your spine, all the tissues in your body have their full potential returned back to them to function the way they are designed. This includes all your muscle and nerve junctions through your body. 

            If all the lights go out in your house, don’t blame any one room, and save your candle and flashlight money.  If you are suffering from Fibromyalgia, you will want to make sure your spine is checked for interference so your entire body is working properly, including all your muscles. Fibromyalgia can seem like a daunting condition with limited relief but if we redefine the problem, your outlook can be brighter than ever.  

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